Commerce Min to distribute Blue Flag rice to flood victims


BANGKOK, 15 September 2011  – The Ministry of Commerce has prepared over 60,000 tons of Blue Flag rice for distribution to flood-affected people across the country while watching out for unfair pricing of farm produce following heavy damages.

Speaking of the flood situation, Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Kittirat Na Ranong indicated that people had been affected on a large scale while all related agencies had been ordered by the Prime Minister to contribute to the flood rehabilitation effort.

On the Commerce Ministry’s part, Mr Kittirat stated that 4-kilogram bags of rice from the Blue Flag project, weighing more than 60,000 tons in total, would be handed out to all flood victims soon.

Meanwhile, amid shortages and soaring prices of agricultural products caused by extensive flood damages on farmland and transportation routes, the Commerce Ministry is keeping a close watch on the problem of overpricing in the market.