Cold weather also affecting animals


Chiang Rai – Cold weather in the North and North East of the country has not only affected the well-being of people but also various species of animals.

In Chiang Rai province, around 400 macaques living around Tham Pla Temple came out of the forest to bask in the sun to keep warm in the icy temperatures this week. Tourists also enjoyed the sight of crocodiles in their enclosure at the temple as the chilly weather forced them to stay out of the water to keep warm.

In Chiang Mai province, Mae Rim District Chief Chaisaeng Pattanasakphinyo and a group of veterinarians visited the Monkey Center to check the health of 20 macaques for fear the winter weather could make them sick. They revealed after an examination that the animals were healthy.

The group later visited a snake farm, a monkey school and a crocodile farm to check on the animals and provide advice to their keepers on how to care for them during the winter.

In Maha Sarakham province, patients at Maha Sarakham Hospital came outside to be in the sun as it was too cold inside. The number of people, especially children and the elderly, suffering from respiratory diseases is also on the rise in the province. Local residents have been urged to stay warm and exercise regularly to stay fit during the colder months of winter.


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