CMPO to let Emergency Executive Decree expire and reinstate Internal Security Act


BANGKOK, 14 March 2014 The Center for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) resolved on Thursday to let the Emergency Executive Decree in use over Greater Bangkok expire, and to revert to using the Internal Security Act to facilitate peace and order instead. 

At a meeting to deliberate over the expiration of the Emergency Executive Decree on March 22, most CMPO officials saw fit to lift the emergency decree and tone down the use of special law by reinstating the Internal Security Act. However, the officials indicated they would continue to press charges against those who obstructed elections and those who trespassed state offices.

CMPO committee member Tharit Phengdit spoke to reporters on Thursday about the premeditated murder charges against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and 5 other individuals, which was brought to court by families of those killed at the Phan Fa intersection during clashes between anti-government protesters and security officials on February 18. According to Mr. Tharit, the CMPO’s operation at the Phan Fa intersection was not a protest dispersal, but was an operation meant for arresting persons who had committed offenses, in accordance with the court’s arrest warrants. The operation was also geared toward freeing up state offices and roads, for the benefit of the public. Mr. Tharit added that the operation was carried out openly under the observation of members of the press. During the operation, security officials were also able to seize a number of weapons, narcotics and other contraband.