CMPO to appeal Civil Court verdict on political conflicts


BANGKOK, Feb 21 – The Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) resolved today to appeal the Wednesday’s ruling of the Civil Court which issued nine points limiting its action in dealing with anti-government protesters.

Tarit Pengdith, a CMPO member, said the Appeals Court would be asked to delay enforcement of the nine-point restriction to enable CMPO to effectively deal with the political unrest.

The court’s nine-point order is tantamount to creating a law enforcement vacuum — a risk that may aggravate conflicts and negatively impact peace in the country, said Mr Tarit, who is also director general of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI).

“There are people who agree and disagree with the protest of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).Their differing opinions may lead to confrontations while the state is not empowered to enforce the laws,” he said.

He said CMPO was concerned that the court’s verdict would allow PDRC protesters to do whatever they wish, particularly closure or seizure of government property and business buildings.

During its 32 days of duty, the CMPO has continued solving problems and successfully reopened 53 government buildings but PDRC protesters sealed off the Renewable Energy Department today after using weapons to force security guards to open the gate, said Mr Tarit.

He said the court’s ruling was not limited to enforcement under the emergency decree but was affected by other relevant laws including the Traffic Act.

“Are authorities allowed to demolish stages on streets which have obstructed traffic?” he asked.

Mr Tarit said the CMPO has also resolved to file criminal charges against  PDRC secretary general Suthep Thaugsuban and his accomplices for using explosives and heavy weapons to attack police, resulting in deaths and serious injuries, at Phan Fah Bridge, Ratchdamnoen Avenue, on Tuesday.