Chiang Mai Zoo braces for cold


CHIANG MAI, 14 Jan 2015 – Chiang Mai Zoo deploys various methods to keep its animals warm, as the cold is relentlessly sweeping through the northern region of Thailand.

According to Chiang Mai Zoo Director Niphon Wichairat, the recent drop in temperature has affected several animals especially during the night time, leaving tropical animals in a most difficult time adjusting themselves to the unusually cold ‘winter’ in Thailand.

He said these animals include giraffes, zebra, elephants, and various reptiles such as snakes and turtles.

Director Niphon said that measures to fend off the cold the zoo is currently deploying is using spotlights, haystacks, and dried leaves, while giving vitamins to warm up the animals.

The supervisor also instructed all zookeepers to keep their eyes on the animals under their responsibilities. He however assured the public of his staff’s experience in dealing with the situation, saying that none of the animals at Chiang Mai Zoo would pass away from the harsh winter conditions.