Chiang Mai-Lamphun police protecting their dignity


BANGKOK, 6 January 2014 Chiang Mai and Lamphun police have gathered to show support to whichever side that abides by the law and regulations as well as to protect the police’s dignity. 

Over 1,000 police and former police officers yesterday gathered at Chiang Mai Provincial Police Headquarters to show power and to express that they were ready to protect the honor and dignity of the Thai police. They said they would be on the same side as those playing by the rule.

Chiang Mai and Lamphun police have recently been deployed in Bangkok to help the government maintain law and order following the rallies by People’s Democratic Reform Committee protesters who tried to cause disturbances during the registration period of the upcoming general election.

They said they could not stand watching fellow officers, unarmed, being viciously attacked by the protesters. They were however proud of their fellows who were exercising restraints and patient with the rally-goers. This is the reason why the police came out to show their support to the police who served this nation with honor and dignity.