Chiang Mai Culture Office meets on 20-year strategy


CHIANG MAI – The Chiang Mai Provincial Culture Office has recently held a meeting to break up its 20-year strategy into short-term plans.

Participating in the conference were representatives from state agencies, the private sector, educational institutes, local administrative organizations, the Chiang Mai Cultural Council, and the Provincial Sangha Council. Also in attendance were local artists, event organizers, and academics in the field of cultural studies.

The conference follows a public forum held by the National Legislative Assembly’s committee on religion, arts, culture and tourism on August 29th last year, which discussed revitalizing and developing the Lanna culture. The results of the meeting will be used to define the direction of office’s operations.

The conference has concluded that the issue of cultural degradation is intensifying and must be addressed urgently. The direction of cultural conservation efforts in the province, which will be shared among responsible units, calls for an emphasis on public participation.


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