Check-up required for vehicles with over a year of unpaid tax


BANGKOK, 20 September 2015 – Vehicles owners who have not paid their vehicle tax for over 1 year will be required to complete vehicle maintenance check-ups before proceeding with taxation by next year, DLT official says. 

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) Deputy Director-General Suchart Khlinsuwan Has revealed that the DLT will impose the new regulations for vehicles with overdue tax payment starting from 1 January 2016.

The new regulations will require vehicle owners who have the tax payment overdue by 1-3 years to take their vehicles to receive check-ups at the DLT offices or at certified check-up points beforehand, in order to proceed with the tax payment and late payment.

Vehicle owners who wish to complete the payment before 1 January 2016 will be exempted form the check-up prerequisite, but the penalty for late payment will still be charged.

The DLT Deputy Director-General has added that the validity of the vehicle license will be revoked after 3 years of non-payment.

He said that owner of the revoked licenses will have to pay all the payment due and penalties, then re-register the license if they wish to continue using the existing license plate.