Cabinet endorses application for membership of International Renewable Energy Agency


BANGKOK, 18 March 2015 – The Cabinet has endorsed Thailand’s application for membership of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), proposed by the Ministry of Energy. 

According to the Ministry of Energy, being a member of the IRENA would increase Thailand’s access to information, knowledge, technology and renewable energy networks. The country will also be afforded assistance in research and development relating to renewable energy, in the forms of funds, specialists and aids such as eligibility to low-interest loans from the IRENA/ADFD funds.

Entry into IRENA would also allow Thailand to voice its opinion in various undertakings sanctioned by the IRENA Assembly and at IRENA conferences. Thailand would also be able to play a role in the administration of IRENA by sending personnel to take up prominent positions at the agency. Lastly, membership at IRENA would allow Thailand to propose projects that would benefit the country’s efforts to develop renewable energy.