Buakaw apologises to boxing fans


BANGKOK, Oct 13 – Buakaw Banchamek, champion muay thai kickboxer, posted a Facebook message Sunday night apologising to his fans after he walked out of a fight against German Enriko Kehl in Pattaya after the fight was ruled in favour of the German boxer. 

Kehl was crowned K-1 World Max champion after Buakaw walked out of the fight at the end of third and final round of Saturday’s bout.

Judges ruled that the fight was even after the third round ended so an extra round was needed to find the champion of the fight.

But Buakaw left the boxing arena and the fight was ruled in favour of Kehl  due to disqualification via forfeit.

Apologizing to his fans, Buakaw said in his Facebook page that: “Sorry to make fans puzzled but you would understand me later.”

It is expected that the Thai kickboxer would hold a press conference to clarify the incident soon as his trainer said the even result was not fair for Buakaw.