Bruda whale spotted in Gulf of Thailand


BANGKOK, July 17 – Some Bruda whales have been sighted in the Gulf of Thailand, a rare occurrence that indicates an abundance of food sources attracting the creature to this part of the sea.

Boonchob Suthamanuswong, director-general of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, said officials were informed about the sighting of the Bruda whales in the inner area of the Gulf of Thailand.

Officials went to observe and found about five of them near the Chao Phraya estuary. It is quite rare to see them move so far into the gulf, he said.

Department experts were sent to conduct a survey on the whale and monitor the area to prevent any possible danger from local residents or tourists coming to view the mammals.

It is believed that the abundance of marine life in the Gulf of Thailand becomes an attractive source of food for them. On the other hand, it showed change in feeding pattern of sea animals and their original food source, so experts must survey their behaviour to collect information for the improved management of environment systematically.

He asked for cooperation from the public not to disturb the whales as arrivals of tourists in the area may scare them away or cause harm to them.