BMA receives royal commemorative pins for Bike For Mom cyclists


BANGKOK, 4 August 2015, Bangkok Governor MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra yesterday received royally bestowed commemorative pins for the Bike for Mom 2015 event. The pins will be given to the capital’s 50 district offices for distribution to participating cyclists in the following weeks.

The 100,000 Bike For Mom pins were sent to Bangkok’s city hall by the royal household and personally received by the Bangkok Governor and all 50 district chiefs.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will hold a ceremony to hand out the pins to registered cyclists on August 14-15 from the capital’s 50 district offices. To claim the royally bestowed pin, participants must present their ID card and registration number to officials.

Unregistered cyclists who do not have the pin can still to join the race, but are urged to wear blue shirts. Bike For Mom is scheduled for August 16, 2015, four days after Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday.