BKK Flood Battle: Litterers to face heavy fines


BANGKOK – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is considering penalizing people who throw litter into drains and waterways as it continues to encourage keeping the sewage system clean to combat flooding.

Bangkok Governor Assawin Kwanmuang has met with a network of organizations committed to promoting the city’s measures against flooding. At the meeting, the governor asked members of the press to create understanding about the water and rain situation in Bangkok and for all to join in the effort to manage water.

All 50 Bangkok district offices have been instructed to setup Flood Prevention and Solution Operation Centers with a focus on areas with a history of poor drainage. They have been told to install water pumps and jets as needed and to track weather reports 24 hours a day.

The governor revealed after the meeting that notifications about flooding can now be received via the application Line and let on his office is considering fines of up to 5,000 baht for those who pollute water ways and impede water flow. The measure, along with a reward for reporters of such acts, is likely to be announced in 2 weeks.