Better awareness on electricity situation in southern region


BANGKOK– The general public are aware of the electricity situation in the southern region, while the Ministry of Energy has been tasked with communicating the facts to the public nationwide, says government spokesman.

The Government Spokesman Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd revealed the Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has acknowledged the report from the communication committee on the electricity situation in the southern region, which organized three public forums to inform the general public on the region’s challenges in energy.

The forums proposed power plants constriction options and their potential environmental effect, and gathered input from the general public regarding this issue. The forums were broadcasted on local TV and radio networks.

From the results of the forums, the general public believes it is necessary to construct power plants in the region, while some does not view it as a necessity and that energy demand can be managed.

The general public have expressed their concerns regarding the coal power plant on the transport of coals,pollution control procedures, and impacts to the environment, health, and tourism.

The Prime Minister had urged the Ministry of Energy and related agencies to communicate with the general public to create understanding among them that electricity demand will grow accordingly to the region’s economic development. To gain better electricity capacity and regional stability, a power plant would have to built, while alternative energy options would only help support the region’s sustainability.

“The Prime Minister has also asked the authorities to further communicate with people from other regions to make sure all people in Thailand are aware of this issue and can play a part in safeguarding the country’s electricity security,” said the government spokesman.