Bangkok Poll: Over 80 percent intend to vote in referendum


Over 80 percent of the respondents of Bangkok Poll said they intend to vote in the national referendum on August 7.

Bangkok Poll of Bangkok University’s research centre conducted an opinion poll on July 9 from 1,876 samples from all regions of the country.


Although the poll shows 83.7 percent of the respondents declare their intention to vote in the referendum, only 41.6 percent of them say they approve the draft constitution – down by 2 percent from the previous opinion poll.

7.2 percent of the respondents disagree with the draft charter – up by 0.6 percent from the last poll with 11.6 percent saying they will abstain and 39.6 percent say they are still undecided on how to vote.

42.1 percent of the respondents admit that they learned about the content of the draft charter from media news websites and news provided by media outlets while 11.7 percent say they received information from teachers under the government’s educational campaign; 11.1 percent say they learned from documents distributed by local officials.

52.1 percent believe that the referendum will be helpful in enabling the country to move forward but 20.7 percent say the referendum will be of little help while 27.2 percent say they are not sure.