Authorities cut down rubber trees encroaching on national park


BUENG KAN, Aug 7 —  Thai authorities have were mobilised to cut down over 20 rais of rubber tree plantation, encroaching within the Phu Langka National Park in this province to restore the forest back to its full extent.

Local administrative officials, soldiers, and police joined together in cutting down 1,700 rubber trees, between 4 and 10 years old in a 24 rai area inside Phu Langka National Park, in this northeastern province.

The authorities plan to replace the rubber trees with perennial plants to return the park back to its natural state.

Article 22 of the National Park Act 1961 was used to justify the operation after the finding that rubber plantation encroached into the national forest.

However, no one has claimed ownership to the plantation or tried to stop the felling of the rubber trees.