ASEAN is urged to cooperate in overcoming global challenges


BANGKOK -The MFA and OECD co-hosted a Seminar on “The OECD Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2016: Enhancing Regional Ties”.

The seminar was designed as an exchange of views on the regional economic situation, to raise people’s awareness of the OECD and ASEAN and encourage knowledgeable exchanges and cooperation between the OECD and ASEAN

Mr. Apichart Chinwanno, the Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs gave a speech about raising competitiveness using science, technology, innovation and human resource development efficiently in order to maintain the momentum of the economy and urge Thailand to reach a high level of income for its population, as Thailand is at present a middle income country.

Mr. Kensuke Tanaka, Head of the Asia Desk, OECD Development Center is focusing on major mid-term macroeconomic trends in ASEAN, China and India which are considered to constitute “Emerging Asia”, along with the regional economic integration process in light of the post-2015 ASEAN Economic Community and key challenges in further integration. He pointed out that the issue of a middle income trap is a medium and long term issue for the South East Asia region which needs structural policy changes to overcome. Thailand meanwhile can gain benefits from regional integration cooperation.