Army’s priority is to maintain peace and order: Gen Prayuth


BANGKOK, 27 May 2014  – National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha says the army’s main priority is to maintain order and restore peace in the nation. He however gives no time frame for a general election.

In the wake of anti-coup protests, Gen Prayuth assured that the NCPO would do its best to maintain law and order, indicating that the army would have no choice but to use force if protests flare up again. His address came after he was given a royal endorsement appointing him as the head of military council to administer the country.

When asked about the election, Gen Prayuth said he hoped to hold elections soon but could not fix how long the army would stay in power.

The NCPO chief also warned all sides not to violate the law, use weapons, nor stage any protest that would create restive situation.

Lastly, he added anyone who insults the monarchy or violates the military’s orders will be tried in a military court.