Anti-corruption campaign to commence on 1 Jun


BANGKOK, 30 May 2011 – The private sector, led by the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC), has announced that it will kick off the anti-corruption campaign on 1 June 2011 for the betterment of the national development. 

TCC and Board of Trade of Thailand Chairperson Dusit Nontanakorn stated that Thailand was ranked 78th out of 178 countries worldwide for high corruption practices. He added that the private sector deems corruption practice an impediment to national development and investment climate.

Mr Dusit elaborated that all the TCC offices nationwide hence agreed to put an end to social division and discrepancies while embarking on an anti-corruption campaign with the Thai Institute of Directors Association and other 20 organisations.

The chairperson further explained that the aforementioned private organisations will brainstorm for practical ideas on corruption suppression in a seminar entitled ‘Anti-Corruption, the Turning Point of Thailand’ at the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Bangkok on 1 June.

Mr Dusit noted that details and outcome of the seminar will be used to map out plans encouraging Thai people not to deem corruption an acceptable practice in the society. He hoped that the campaign will be successful similar to Hong Kong.