Another leatherback sea turtle egg nest found on Phang Nga beach


PHANG NGA – Good news from the south has emerged with the discovery of the another leatherback sea turtle nest of eggs, found this month on Ban Bo Tan beach in Phang Nga close to Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park. It is suspected the eggs were laid by a second leatherback sea turtle, that came up on to the beach. Five leatherback sea turtle egg nests have been found over the past two years, reflecting the much improved natural surroundings.

Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park has reported on its Facebook page the discovery of a leatherback sea turtle egg nest on Ban Bo Tan beach in Phang Nga. The national park office had earlier been notified that there was a sea turtle coming up onto the beach to lay her eggs. Upon arriving at the beach, officers found a turtle egg nest, also thought to be from a leatherback sea turtle, based on the marks it left on the sand.

The officers have measured the footprints to gauge the size of the mother turtle. The distance between her left and right frontal flippers is 150 centimeters, with a 40 centimeter wide chest, 55 centimeter length from the midline to each flipper, and 40 centimeter long flippers. It is believed that this is not the same turtle as the one that laid her eggs on 17th November.

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources Director General Sopol Thongdee, immediately flew into the area after receiving the news. He has closely observed the nest and talked with the villager who informed the department of the development.

As the nest is located 15 meters away from the water, officials are unable to count or relocate the eggs. They have placed a thermometer at the site and are putting up protective barricades, with officers being rostered to oversee the nest, allowing for a natural hatch to occur. An online CCTV camera will be installed, enabling real-time online monitoring.