All Democrat MPs resign


BANGKOK, 8 December 2013 The Opposition Democrat party decides to have all of its MPs resigning from the House, saying Parliament no longer has legitimacy and asking the government to return power to the people. 

Democrat party-list MP Apirak Kosayothin said on Sunday on his personal Twitter page that the party’s meeting resolved to ask all MPs to resign. Meanwhile, another Democrat Sansern Samalapha posted a message on his personal Facebook page, saying the Democrat MPs would quit to deny Parliament which was dominated by the “Thaksin Regime.” The Opposition had done its part, he said.

Nine Democrat MPs, including anti-government protest leader Suthep Thuagsuban, earlier resigned to play an active role in the protests. Mr Suthep will amass the protesters on 9 December and together they will converge on Government House in hope to topple the Yingluck administration.