Alcohol to blame for death of Finnish national


The emergency services were called to a condo on beach road in Jomtien on the afternoon of March the 9th as a man had been found dead in his room

At the scene the police found the body of 61 year old Mr. Markku Antero Auvinen from Finland, he had an open would on his head and it was estimated that he had died about five hours earlier.

The floor was covered in blood, yet there was no sign of a struggle and all his personal items were intact.

There were numerous empty bottles of alcohol in the room and a friend of the deceased stated that the man had been staying at the condo for about a month and that he was an alcoholic.

The friend continued that he had come to visit Mr Auvinen, but there was no reply, so he called the condo staff who used a master key to enter the room where the found the man inert on the bed.

The police ascertained that the cause of death is likely due to the man being drunk, whereby he had fallen over, banging his head and he had crawled up onto the bed where he had died from his injury.

However, the officers will send the man’s body for autopsy to confirm the cause of death.