303 Rohingyas treated in Protection Center


BANGKOK, 19 May 2015 (NNT) 303 Rohingya refugees caught by Thai Police in the Southern part of Thailand are now being held in the Protection Center for Human Trafficking Victims , the Protection and Career Development Center in the South of Thailand and the Child and Family Shelter Center .

According to Wichian Chaowalit, Permanent Secretary for Social Development and Human Security, the Rohingya migrants are normally separated into two groups, namely Human Trafficking victims and illegal immigrants.

There are 190 Human Trafficking victims and 113 illegal migrants who were identified recently

The Ministry and its local units are in charge of treating the Human Trafficking victims, while illegal immigrants are the Immigration’s Department’s responsibility.

However, some of the undocumented immigrants can be placed under the care of the Centers before being sent to Immigration, he adds.