20+ injured during rubber farmers’ clash with riot police in Phrachuap Khirikhan


PRACHUAP KHIRIKHAN, 6 September 2013 Authorities in Prachuap Khirikhan expect the demonstration by rubber farmers to be resolved soon, after several have been injured in the clash between riot police and the demonstrators on Phetkasem Rd. in Bang Saphan district.

According to Provincial Police Region 7 Deputy Commissioner Narong Supha-em, the situation has calmed down after the earlier clash. Leaders of the demonstration have fled the area in the aftermath of the event. Police officials have been trying to foster understanding with those at the protest, about possible interference from 3rd parties to create chaos, and many have agreed to leave the protest.

Reporters quoted police officials putting the figure of injuries from the clash at no less than 20. At least 9 policemen were injured by objects thrown at them. Some sustained injuries from being splashed with acid.

Explosions were heard during the protesters’ clash with riot police. Police Colonel Narong believe the explosions to have been large firecrackers lit by teenagers within the protest venue, who were disgruntled with the police.

10 protesters have been arrested by police.