100 kilos marijuana seized in Nakhon Phanom


NAKHON PHANOM, Nov 16 –  One hundred kilogrammes of marijuana were seized Thursday on the Mekong River in this northeastern province, bordering Laos.

Capt Surasak Suwan-arsa, commanding a naval patrol unit on the Mekong River in the northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom said in a news conference on the seizure of 101 kg of marijuana on the Mekong riverside in Ban Phaeng district.

The confiscated drugs are worth an estimated two million baht at street value.

The patrol unit found suspicious men with some unidentified goods in a long-tailed boat, arriving at the pier. The suspects escaped and the police seized the drugs.

It is presumed that the drugs were being transited from nearby Laos to an agent in Thailand.

Capt Surasak said he ordered routine patrols to keep an eye on drug smuggling.