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South Pattaya pub closed after late-night raid

Police and local officials raided a South Pattaya “tomboy” bar, finding no drugs or underage patrons, but also no attempt at social distancing. ...

Emergency side job becomes new career for Pattaya basket weaver

Straw flowers didn’t sell. Neither did floral alms. But the third time was the charm for Nussara Mingming who turned adversity into a thriving...

Pattaya’s Walking Street is pacing some new business ideas

Pattaya City Hall’s decision to revamp the resort’s most famous pedestrian landmark by allowing one-way traffic at night and encouraging Thai domestic tourists looks...

Pattaya Soi Buakhao goes one-way again in August

Soi Buakhao will be one-way only three more times this month as the Provincial Electricity Authority continues work to bury power and telecommunications wires. ...

Sweet life turns to garbage for Pattaya hawker

He used to pedal through town selling sweets. Now he picks up garbage to survive. Please Support Pattaya Mail (adsbygoogle =...