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Bangkok and northern provinces expected to be blanketed with PM2.5 this week

Bangkok - This week a blanket of PM2.5 dust particles is expected to cover most parts of the Northern region and Bangkok, as the...

Thai military sets up 10 field hospitals nationwide to treat COVID-19 patients

Bangkok  - The Prime Minister has thanked all sectors for their cooperation in the government’s COVID-19 response, praising private firms that have allowed health...

Thai government pushes forward local economy boosting projects

Bangkok  - The government says it is on track with projects that help stimulate local economies, from energy projects to an allowance for occupational...

Health ministry launches Thai Children with Good Eyesight Campaign

Bangkok  - The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) launched the "Thai Children with Good Eyesight Campaign" on the occasion of National Children’s Day earlier...

Thailand added 374 Covid-19 cases on Sunday

Bangkok - Thailand confirmed another 374 cases on Sunday making the accumulated COVID-19 infection figure exceed 12,000. (adsbygoogle =...