Northern high-speed train to see progress next month


The Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) expects that the government’s high-speed train project on the northern route will solidify next month. 

Director of the OTP Chula Sukmanop said some progress would be seen on the Bangkok-Chiang Mai high-speed train route, both in the train operation system and the locations of stations.  He revealed that, from September to October, the government would allow foreign countries to bid for the project and give a presentation on their train formats and technologies to be used with the Thai system.

The high-speed train project is part of the government’s two-trillion-baht infrastructure development plan.

Mr Chula added that the government would invest in the track system but would have the private sector operate the trains.  Most high-speed train stations might be outside normal train stations to avoid problems in terms of construction and expropriation of land.