New wood oil solution for hardwood floors


A new alternative solution has been launched into the Thai market for those wishing to provide a long lasting, natural finish to hardwood floors.

The wood oil products produced by German brand IRSA are a new option for those looking for something other than a lacquer finish.

“Our two-component wood oil is extremely efficient to apply and the process only takes around two hours, which is much faster than conventional lacquer finishes,” says Peter Kagermeier, who runs Konzept Worx, the company that distributes the IRSA product range.  “Floors finished with our wood oil can be fully used after just 24 hours of drying time compared with lacquered floors which need up to one week before they can be fully loaded.  This is a huge advantage of our product for floor renovations especially in commercial environments like restaurants and offices where downtime must be as short as possible.”

After oiling various residential wooden floors in Thailand, the company has recently completed a project for the German Embassy in Bangkok and is now using that as a springboard for new projects that are pushing for a natural product that brings out the true beauty of natural wood flooring.

“When I moved to Bangkok 11 years ago, I could not find any oil product for wooden floors nor a service provider that was familiar with this technique to treat my condo’s teak wood floor.  I eventually decided to import and apply it by myself and got a result that brought out the rich contrast in wood grain and looked much more beautiful than floors treated with conventional products on the market,” said Peter.  “In the course of time, I saw a good opportunity to integrate this kind of product and service into my interior design business.  With IRSA I found a supplier that offers not only the common wood oils, but also oil-hardener systems that allow for an extremely fast application and hardening time at highest quality.  On top of that, the material costs per sqm are considerably lower than widely used water-based lacquer solutions due to its low material usage,” he added.

For more information about wood oils and their application contact Peter Kagermeier at [email protected].