CW Asset finds condo buyers like the resort concept


Giving purchase incentives, like free furniture, is very popular with local condo developers at the moment.  In some projects there is much more than furniture that is offered to the buyer as an incentive to make a purchase.  Some projects offer what you could call turn-key condominium residences.  These turn-key projects have mostly billed themselves as resorts.  The resort concept appeals to those condo buyers that want a getaway in Pattaya, a second home, where you don’t have to worry about anything.  Just show up on the day of ownership transfer, with your suitcase and almost everything is already in the new condo.

Competition is driving condo purchase incentives.  As the competitive nature of the ever increasing number of local developers grows, we are sure to see greater numbers and varied selections of purchase incentives.  CW Asset has hopped on the purchase incentive band wagon and now offers units at their Bang Saray Beach Condo project as either furnished or unfurnished.  Purchase a furnished unit and start living stress free as soon as you are ready to occupy the condo.  Want to save some money then choose the unfurnished option.  It is real freedom of choice.

CW Asset has a new second condo project in Bang Saray called CW Ocean Condo.  This project goes further to satisfy the buyer with many options and choices.  It seems that the resort concept of providing everything including even a washer/dryer combo has a lot of appeal.  For the buyer that wants to save money though, CW Asset also offers unfurnished units.

There has been a definite rise recently in the number of Thai condo buyers.  It seems now the majority of condo buyers are looking for instant gratification and want a finished product.  This is especially true for Thai buyers.  Developers are finding that now with excellent financing opportunities, Thai buyers are more active in the local condo market than ever before.  To accommodate their purchasing objectives, developers are offering a wide variety of fully furnished condo units.  It is an interesting trend, expensive for developers and excellent value for buyers.

The new top local condo trend is that developers are offering more one bedroom units.  In the new CW Ocean View Condominium (, fully furnished one and two bedroom ocean view units start at 990,000 Baht.  Many local developers have started offering more one and two bedroom designs.  It is an interesting trend.  CW Asset has also shifted to developing one and two bedroom condo projects with rooftop pools.  For more information contact CW Asset Co., Ltd. (English) 085 272 8338, (Thai) 085 272 8228,, E: [email protected]

(By Imorn Luekhamharn)