Bangkok transforming into a ‘heaven-like city’


During this year’s Architect ’12 event, Bangkok Governor M.R. Sukhumband Paribatra delivered a speech titled ‘Bangkok, the City of Angels’, in which he described how His Majesty the King’s philosophy could be adopted to remodel the capital of Thailand into a heaven-like city.

In his statement, the Governor said the objective of such a transformation is to celebrate His Majesty the King’s 85 birthday anniversary this year.  34 relevant organizations in Bangkok will combine their efforts in making it happen.  M.R. Sukhumband said he would apply His Majesty the King’s advice, which was presented in 1994, in his attempt to improve Bangkok.

In terms of safety, 200,000 CCTV cameras will be installed across Bangkok to make sure that the crime rate will decline while building regulations will be strictly enforced to assure the safety of occupants.

Other areas of improvements include basic infrastructure, transportation system and public health services.  Public campaigns will be accelerated to promote energy saving. Bangkok residents of all ages will be encouraged to ride bicycles instead of using their cars.

Later on the same day, Deputy Bangkok Governor Theerachon Manomaiphiboon delivered a speech on flood prevention in Bangkok and its vicinity.  According to him, the water management plan is also based on His Majesty the King’s guidance.

There were also discussions about city planning, natural disasters and drastic weather patterns in Thailand.  They were hosted by Mr. Theerachon, Associate Professor Manop Ponsatat, who is an expert on city planning and Associate Professor Seri Suparatit, a flood expert from Rangsit University.  The discussions were intended to help prepare Bangkok for the worst case scenarios.

The seminar was also held to raise awareness and understanding of the general public about the current concerns and what Bangkok was planning to achieve.  (NNT)