Yui dishes out a pasting as Paul lifts monthly trophy


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Oct. 30, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Yui Bietry (9) 41pts

2nd Jan Eriksen (12) 39pts

3rd Peter Lenoury (10) 38pts

B Flight

1st Eddy Delaney (26) 43pts

2nd John Dearden (19) 40pts

3rd Mark Butler (17) 39pts 

Near Pins:  Greg Bates, Francis Goyons, Yui Bietry, Peter Lenoury.

The old scribe, being the hard-over traditionalist that he is, seldom relinquishes the title shot to the girls of the society but a performance such as the week before last when she well and truly shafted the Donkey, and this weeks heroics can’t be overlooked.

Combing visiting wives and those local girls who are on spousal scholarships their own flight was denied.  It may be that henceforth the balance of the girls would like to have their own flight, and prefer to have Yui put in her own league.  She topped the senior field today with a rock solid 41 point effort.

Yui’s handicap should now drop even further, not bad for a young lady relatively new to the golfing world and playing about twice a week at that.

Jan ‘the quite one’ Eriksen followed Yui up the podium steps a couple of stroke adrift while Peter ‘the Right Honorable’ Hynard rounded out the flight.

On the more mundane side of things, there were equally if not better performances, and none better than Eddy Delaney’s man of the match 43 points.  Eddy, like many of his fellow Irishmen, have made incredible moves on their handicaps since supplementing their home games across the gulf of Thailand with a couple of games a week with the society.

Sunday winner Yui Bietry with B Flight runner-up John Deardon. Sunday winner Yui Bietry with B Flight runner-up John Deardon.

Eddy led two fine golfers across the line in the junior flight; 19 handicapper John Deardon who had 40 excellent points and Mark Butler who gathered a solid39 points to close the flight.

Yui’s day was complete as she added a near pin and two ‘2’s to her purse.  Peter Lenoury, Bob St Aubin and Bryon Dodd help share the ‘2’s pot.

Tuesday, Nov. 1, Bangpakong – Stableford

A Flight

1st Matt Doyle (12) 38pts

2nd Mike Holmes (12) 35pts

B Flight

1st Sean Soden (23) 42pts

2nd Jim Bell (19) 41pts

Some late reshuffling offered the society an opportunity to visit old friend Bangpakong Riverside, and enjoy some of the road construction which seems to dominate the northern corridor.  The society found the course in extremely good condition and the cost very attractive.

Sean Soden certainly showed no ill effects from the slightly longer drive as he led a B Flight were both podium places needed 40 plus points.  His 42 points was just one stroke clear of the ever improving Jimmy ‘Houdini’ Bell.

Who is the masked man that stole the top money in the senior division?  None other than Matt Doyle, founder member of the Co. Offaly gang, and it has taken a while for him to find his form this trip so “watch out”.  Matt’s 38 points was three clear of Mike Holmes.

Kevin Mcentee and Colin the Donkey split the ‘2’s pot.

Everybody enjoyed the day out and carn’t wait for the next trip.

Friday, Nov. 4, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

A Flight

1st Bob Newell (9) 36pts

2nd Mark Jenson (9) 36pts

3rd Andrew Byrne (12) 36pts

4th Paul Smith (2) 35pts

5th chuck Anderson (10) 34pts

B Flight

1st Matt Doyle (13) 41pts

2nd Colin Davis (15) 36pts

3rd Martin Zimmerman (16) 36pts

4th Keddie Vuan (18) 35pts

5th Adam Oyston (17) 32pts

C Flight

1st Jim Elphick (26) 38pts

2nd John Deardon (19) 35pts

3rd Sean Soden (28) 33pts

4th Keith McLachlan (21) 31pts

5th Stu Carr (24) 30pts

Near Pins:  Peter Henshaw, Reg McKay, Steve Snelgrove, Chuck Anderson.

Long Drives:  Andrew Byrne

Long Putt:  Adam Oyston

The week wrapped up with a trip to the tree-lined fairways and undulating greens of Mountain Shadow to conclude the first ever two-day Golf Club – Lewiinski’s stableford challenge.  The 63 contestants found the course to be in awesome condition.  This led to only two players managing to better par on the day.

B Fight’s soon to be A Flight’s County Offaly gang member Matt Doyle toured the course with an unbelievable 41 point haul to win the senior flight and man of the match honors.  Colin ‘the Donkey’ and Martin Zimmerman tied with even par rounds and while ‘the Donkey’ had the better of the resulting count back Martin is to be commended.  Vuan Keddie was a shot adrift to accept the 4th extended podium spot while big Adam Oyston prevailed in a count back over the unlucky J.W. to fill the flight.

Lewiinski’s kept the winning streak going as their very own Jimmy ‘two shots’ Elphick was the other contestant that bettered par on the day.  Jim posted a rock solid 38 points to lift the gold in the minor division.  ‘Dear’ John Deardon got the message as he took the silver three shots back, Sean Soden snatched the bronze a further two shot’s adrift, while Keith McLachlan and Stu Carr filled the minor places in that order.

The flagship flight was full of drama as three seasoned golfers vied for the top podium spot as they all garnered even par rounds – an excellent achievement on this course.  County Offaly gang member Andrew Byrne sadly had no luck with his inward nine and was awarded the bronze, while Mark Jenson’s sums were a bit more favorable as he lifted the silver.

It was only fitting considering the amount of work he has put in to get this monthly comp off the ground, that no other than the Golf Club’s Golf Manager ‘Broadmoor’ Bob Newell, should have the good fortune to stand head and shoulders above the rest on the senior flight podium, a feat we all know he achieves without the aid of the podium.

Paul Smith filled the fourth spot with sound 35 points and when added to his first day masterpiece at Greenwood Paul he deservedly entered the record books as our first ever winner, and took home the lead cut glass crystal engraved trophy.

Back at Lewiinski’s and after the famous Lewiinski’s buffet and presentation, Colin thanked all concerned with making this monthly tournament a great success.  I myself can only echo Bob’s thoughts – what a terrific day and roll on next month.  I might just add that this tournament is open to all, and you will be made extremely welcome.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.