Yui & Bob the Gold, but it’s Mark’s Medal


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Jan 13, Green Valley – Stableford

Gold Medal

1st Bob Newell, net 71

A Flight

1st Mark Wood (9) net 65

2nd Ian Grout (9) net 69

3rd Steve Armstrong (5) net 69

B Flight

1st Thierry Petrement (12) net 66

2nd Jerry McCarthy (13) net 71

3rd Tom Byrne (15) net 71

C Flight

1st Claude Harder (16) net72

2nd Sean Murphy (29) net 72

3rd Jez Lees (19) net 73

Red Flight

1st Yui Bietry, net 69

Near Pins No 4 Jeurg Luginbuh No 9 Max Scott No 12 Tom Byrne No 16 Paraic McManus

The Championship of twelve months of medal competition was on the table this Sunday as the members of the golf society who had won or tied for first in each of the twelve monthly medal competitions of 2012 vied for what is certainly one of the top two titles of the society’s golfing calendar.

And the winner was Robert ‘Broad more’ Newell as he fashioned a net 71 off his 8 handicap.  It should be noted that Bob won his position early in the year and has suffered harshly at the hands of the golfing gods.  First he had a terrible time with the yips, shanks, and even imagining mystery voices on the tee box as he was about to take his shot.  But somehow he retained his sanity and steadily improved, and of course his coronation today attests to his ability.  Bob’s name will be forever etched on the gold wall of shame.

Sunday winners (left-right) Bob Newell, Yui Bietry and Mark Wood.Sunday winners (left-right) Bob Newell, Yui Bietry and Mark Wood.

The common folk contested a slightly less intense monthly medal that ran concurrently with the gold, and it took a sizzling A Flight net 65 by Aberdeen’s Mark Brenton Wood to win as his name will be the first to go to the wall for the month of January to start 2013.  Mark also won a bottle of Jamesons and a cut glass whiskey glass.  Ian ‘Giza fag’ Grout used the mathematical wedge to make his net 69 look better than Steve Armstrong’s for the runner-up spot.

Thierry Petrement in B Flight (yes B Flight as amazingly 18 of the 20 A Flight players played off single figure handicaps) shot a flawless net 66 to take the flight honours.  Three players tied on net 71 with the Irish duo of jerry McCarthy and Tom Byrne taking the silver and  bronze spots respectively as they back-heeled Barry ‘the boot’ Copestake into touch.

It took a net 72 to come first in C Flight, albeit with the help of a count back on Sean ‘the wee one’ Murphy as he was edged by Claude Harder.  Jez ‘the principal’ Lees seems to have solved the plot as he closed the flight with a useful even par round.

Yui Bietry won the Red Flight Gold with a, you guessed it, net 69.  Yui also received a cut glass engraved medal to go with her ever growing collection.

Paul Smith (a pair), Ian Grout, Max Scott, Paraic McManus, Tom Byrne and Barry Tregurtha shared the 2’s pot.  The Red Flight 2’s was a rollover.

Tuesday, Jan. 15, Burapha C&D – Stableford

A Flight

1st Dave Shelton (7) 37pts

2ndAndy kellaher (10) 37pts

3rd Paraic McManus (6) 36pts

B Flight

1st Billy Britton (16) 38pts

2nd Pierre Bietry (14) 37pts

3rd Pat Hanafin (14) 32pts

C Flight

1st Barry Oats (24) 33pts

2nd Walter Beachli (17) 32pts

3rd John O’Neil (19) 32pts

The site of Tuesday’s comp was old favourite Burapha.  While there are a couple of holes that might have been designed otherwise, the balance of the course presents itself well and provides a nice vista of the surrounding topography.

Regrettably the course is sometimes allowed to get a bit out of nick, particularly the rough which can make it impossible to find a ball hit only slightly off line, let alone make any kind of play on it.  Hopefully, the course staff sees the folly of the maintenance design and cut the rough to a reasonable level so that this course can willingly be included in the list of excellent Pattaya venues.

Despite the tough conditions, Billy Britton posted the best score of the day and top podium place in B Flight with a splendid 38 points.  Pierre ‘the magician’ Bietry accumulated a second best on the day37 points.  Co. Cork’s Pat Hanafin snuck in as he outgunned Aussie Jimmy ‘AK47’ Bell for the third podium step.

The flagship flight saw Dave Shelton continue his fine form as he took top spot.  He was well contested to the very end, having to rely on count back as Andy Kellaher matched Dave’s fine 37 points to take the second step on the podium.  The flight was rounded out by (that man again) Paraic McManus as he matched his handicap.

The C Flighters struggled a bit today as the Donkey’s mate Barry Oats 33 points was good for the top rung of the ladder.  Walter Beachli, one of the nicest and most flamboyant personalities, and John O’Neil were only separated by a count back as they took second and third respectively.

The ‘2’s pot was shared by Dave Shelton, Tim Hickey, Pierre Bietry, Pat Hanafin, Jim Bell, and Darac Evans.

Wednesday, Jan. 16, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st J-P Maffray (12) 34pts

2nd John Nalty (13) 33pts

3rd Dave Shelton (7) 33pts

B Flight

1st Nick Odnoral (16) 36pts

2nd Pat Hanafin (14) 36pts

3rd Billy Britton (16) 32pts

C Flight

1st Christy Knight (20) 32pts

2nd Fergus O’Brien (26) 32pts

3rd Keith McLachan 20 30pts

Nick Odnoral and County Cork’s Pat Hanafin were the only two players to match their handicaps as the sweltering heat and legendry lightning fast greens took their toll on the gang.  Nick’s count back victory won him the top spot in B Flight and the man of the match honours.  Billy Britton continued his fine play as he headed to the pay window twice in as many games as he closed the flight with 32 points.

The top boys flight was low on points as J-P Maffray was top of the heap with 34 points.  John Nalty edged the inform Dave Shelton as a count back was required to separate them.  Dave was not at all disappointed with the result as this was also his second pay window visit in as many games, coupled with a half share in a handsome ‘2’s pot, the other half going to our very own Vera Naughton.

It was another tough day for the C Flight players but Christy ‘good’ Knight and the unflappable Fergus O’Brien were not complaining as they went to a count back, both locked on 32 points.  Christy got the verdict and top spot in the flight.  Aussie Ace Keith McLachan was as surprised to find his 30 points took the last flight spot but hey no worries, it’s just as spendable.

Friday, Jan. 18, Treasure Hill – Stableford

A Flight

1st Mike Dwyer (9) 37pts

2nd Dave Shelton (7) 33pts

3rd Andy Kellaher (10) 33pts

B Flight

1st Jonny Lindberg (14) 35pts

2nd Billy Britton (16) 30pts

3rd Barry Copestake (15) 28pts

C Flight

1st Sivano Pizzaso (24) 35pts

2nd Ayoko Pueschi (25) 32pts

3rd Jim Elphick (25) 32pts

B Flight had the bragging rights all week but today A Flight took them back and the man they sent to do it was Mike Dwyer who returned a man of the match 37 points.  He also saved it from being a non-counting day as he was the only player to better his handicap.

Mike’s score left Dave ‘three pay day visits this week’ Shelton and Andy Kellaher, no stranger to the pay window himself, locked on 33 points and dueling it out for the remaining flight spots.  Dave made the silver his, leaving Andy to tidy up the flight.

Jonny Lindberg led the B Flight campaign with a steady 35 points while Billy Bingham also made it a treble pay desk visit as the week turned out to be one of steady income.  Barry ‘the boot’ Copestake filled the flight on count back over the satang-less Tore Eliassen.

C Flight proved that this week’s low returns were no accident as their woes continued with Sivano Pizzaso topping the flight on 35 points.  Jimmy’ two shots Elphick kindly conceded second place to Ayoko Pueschi as both were tied on 32 points.

Jeurg Luginbuh, Paraic McManus, Terry Mangan, John Nalty and John O’Neil shared the ‘2’s pot.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.