Yui blows away the field


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, July 27, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Yui Bietry (11) 42pts

2nd Yves Moultier (14) 39pts

3rd Tom Byrne (15) 38pts

B Flight

1st Bill Peach (16) 39pts

2nd Christian Boysen (18) 39pts

3rd Phil Davies (20) 37pts

Near Pins:  No 5 Collin Sansom, No 8 Merle Humphreys, No 12 Yui Bietry, N0 16 Christian Boysen

The old scribe, hard over-traditionalist that he is, seldom relinquishes the title slot to the girls of the society but a performance such as the 42 points from Yui Bietry that took the top spot in A Flight last Sunday, and also included a near pin and a ‘2’, can’t be overlooked.

Sunday’s winner Yui Bietry.Sunday’s winner Yui Bietry.

Yui was three clear of Yves Moultier who extended his podium streak to eight consecutive games with an excellent 39 points.  Co. Lois’ favourite son Tom Byrne closed the flight with a steady 38 points.

Bill Peach, never a slouch off his 16 handicap but always willing to learn, took the top step of the podium in B Flight with a count back victory over the unlucky Christian Boysen.  Phil Davies, another in form player, rounded out the flight with 37 points.

Along with Yui, Colin Sansom, Bill Peach, Christian Boysen, Thierry Temime, Colin Davis and Merle Humphreys shared the ‘2’s pot.

Tuesday, July 29, Greenwood C & A – Stableford

A Flight

1st Yves Moultier (14) 42pts

2nd Paul Hird (14) 41pts

3rd Tom Gory (14) 39pts

B Flight

1st Peter Terry (21) 39pts

2nd Martin Allard (23) 38pts

3rd Bruce Walters (28) 37pts

I am not going to even mention it this time but the ‘clean-up guy’ struck again.  Yves’ 42 point outburst was good for the man of the match and top spot on the podium in A Flight.  Paul Hird followed Yves closely up the podium steps with an excellent 41 points while Irishman Tom Gorey tided up the flight with a very creditably 39 points.

Top man in B Flight was Peter Terry with 39 points and Peter was one clear of Martin Allard in second.  Aussie Bruce ‘walk about Walters and Mike ‘the Welsh wizard’ Jefferys both bettered their handicap by one stroke, with the former prevailing on the dreaded count back for third.

Kevin Rogers, Martin Allard and Aiden Murray shared the 2’s pot.

Not surprisingly Yves Moultier looks set to win the golfer of the month award over Phil Davies.

Wednesday, July 30, Burapha A & B – Stableford

A Flight

1st Yves Moultier (14) 40pts

2nd Alistair Gall (19) 39pts

3rd Colin Davis (16) 39pts

B Flight

1st Barbara Cooper (20) 40pts

2nd John Ianson (20) 40pts

3rd Aiden Murray (23) 39pts

It was the amazing exploits of Yves Moultier, Merle Humphreys and Peter Terry vying for the man of the match honours, all posting excellent 42 point returns.  The carpet from Yves seat to the pay window is now starting to become threadbare.

Yves was one clear of the tandem of Alistair Gall and Colin ‘the Donkey’ Davis but alas for the Donkey his acumen on the course did not transfer to his scorecard as Alistair had the better of the count back.

In B Flight, Merle Humphreys much like his A Flight mates edged the unlucky Peter Terry for the top podium spot.  Martin Allard was left to tidy up the flight.

Freddy Starbeck, John Pierrel and Barbra Cooper shared the 2’s pot.

Friday, August 1, Crystal Bat C & A – Stableford

A Flight

1st Ed Wyckoff (11) 41pts

2nd German Odermatt (12) 39pts

3rd Paul Bray (16) 39pts

B Flight

1st Mike Jeffreys (20) 39pts

2nd Brad Robins (19) 35pts

3rd Peter Walker (16) 33pts

C Flight

1st Phil Davies (20) 40pts

2nd Mick Coughlan (23) 37pts

3rd Merle Humphreys (20) 36pts

A Flight’s Ed ‘the senator’ Wyckoff was man of the match with an exemplary 42 points of what was formerly known as Natural Park Resort and before that Panya Park Resort.  Second and third spots were separated by a count back, with German Odermatt edging Paul ‘the man from down under’ Bray, both with excellent 40 point returns.

Mike ‘the Welsh Dragon’ Jefferys was the main benefactor in B Flight with his excellent 39 points and was four points clear of Brad Robins.  At last the lads found a way of keeping Yves Moultier off the podium steps, mind you it took a count back as he and the Donkey came out second best to Peter Walker.  But congratulations to Yves for his amazing run of podium visits.

C Flight was the domain of Phil Davies who the paymaster knows by his first name with a splendid 40 points.  Old friend Mick Coghlan lifted the silver with very useful 37 points and Merle Humphreys closed the flight and the week with an even par round.

Ed Wyckoff, German Odermatt, Paul Bray, Connie Walsh, Mike Jefferys and Brad Robins shared the ‘2’s pot.

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