Wood sails to victory at Navy


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, Jan. 29, Plutaluang – Stableford

Division 1

1st Barry Wood (13) 44pts

2nd Ryan Thomas (0) 41pts

3rd Seil Peter (5) 40pts

Division 2

1st Nathan Sheridan (Junior) (20) 38pts

2nd Brendan Abbot (21) 36pts

3rd Stuart James (34) 18pts

On Monday the TRGG travelled made a long overdue return to the splendid Thai Navy course at Plutaluang.  Playing the south and east course also proved to be treat as the north and west are usually favored by the majority.

In division 2 the top spot fell into the arms of the youthful Nathan Sheridan with 38 points while Brendan Abbot and Stuart James followed at 2 point intervals.

In division 1 Seil Peter scored a splendid 40 points but this was only good enough for the third spot.  Just piping him into the second was Ryan Thomas who shot a round of 5 under par to go with his 7 under par from Friday.  Yet even the sterling efforts of Ryan Thomas were not enough to claim the top prize on this day.

That honor fell to Barry Wood who scored an impressive 44 points and his raw score of 5 over par showed just what could be achieved on this fine course.

Barry Wood.
Barry Wood.

Tuesday, Jan. 30, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

Division 1

1st Sakai Yasuo (10) 36pts

2nd Arnold Jones (17) 35pts

3rd Mike Rushant (11) 35pts

Division 2

1st Y. Takita (23) 44pts

2nd Peter McGinty (26) 39pts

3rd Brendan Abbot (21) 35pts

On Tuesday the group visited Phoenix, with the course in a splendid condition.

This was the day for Y Takita with his 44 points being good enough to take the main prize in division 2.

The winner in division 1 came in the shape of Sakai Yasuo whose 36 points were good enough to lift the silverware.

Wednesday, Jan. 31, Parichat – Medal

1st Mike Rushant (11) net 76

2nd Ed Brubaker (17) net 77

3rd Y. Takita (20) net 77

Mike Rushant.
Mike Rushant.

The TRGG made its way across to the Parichat International links course on Wednesday for its monthly Ferdinand cup competition.  This is a stroke play competition and with some players rattling up cricket scores it soon came apparent that anyone who could remain on the fairways had half a chance of success.

If there is one player you want to shoot right up the middle it is Mike Rushant, and events proved that way as his 76 was good enough to give him the first monthly Ferdinand Cup win of 2018.

Thursday, Feb. 1, Green Valley – Stableford

Division 1

1st Mike Rushant (11) 40pts

2nd Mr Yamao (10) 38pts

3rd Bill Shepley (04) 37pts

Division 2

1st Arnold Jones (17) 37pts

2nd Neil Wilkinson (13) 36pts

3rd Alistair Anderson (15) 33pts

Thursday’s golf at Green Valley will be remembered for the heavy rains that the golfers had to play through in the second half of their rounds.

In division 2, Arnold Jones continued his recent fine form and his 37 points were enough to take the pole position while there was no stopping Mike Rushant in the top flight as he raked up another 40 points to take first prize.

Friday, Feb. 2, Burapha – Stableford

Division 1

1st Alan Thomas (6) 39pts

2nd Yasuo Sakai (10) 38pts

3rd Darren Stanton (15) 37pts

Division 2

1st Keith Evans (17) 42pts

2nd Arnold Jones (17) 39pts

3rd Lawrence Lee (27) 38pts

Burapha hosted the TRGG on a day with almost perfect playing conditions and in division 2 Keith Evans, Burger King’s most valued customer, found every fairway and every green to shoot a fine 42 points for the win.

In division 1, Alan Thomas recorded a 3-over par round to take the day’s top prize ahead of Yasuo Sakai and Darren Stanton.

Saturday, Feb. 2, Treasure Hill – Stableford

1st Tetsuya Hattori (18) 40pts

2nd Jack Watkins (12) 34pts

3rd Suresh Mehta (20) 32pts

On Saturday the golfers made their way over to Treasure Hill and the winning round came from Tetsuya Hattori who produced a fine score of 40 points.  Jack Watkins with his 34 points proved to be the second best of the day and Suresh Mehta completed the podium in third.