Winners emerge from Spring bowls season


Last week saw the conclusion of the Spring bowls leagues and an added Spy Classic Sunday at Coco Club Resort.  The Friday triples league was won with a week in hand by Brian’s Team with wife Pin and Lek but the runners-up spots were prolonged to the last bowls of a seven-week season, with Thanom, hubbie Harvey and Ian just getting the better of Dave’s Pro Team with Kelvin and Coco’s Sue by just two bowls. 

The Wednesday pairs result was a reverse with Dave and Ian having it sewn up very early, but again the runners-up places were fought for until the end and this time it was Joe and Thanom who came out of a three-way tie ahead of Brian and Pin.

Spy Classic Sunday winners.Spy Classic Sunday winners.

Sunday’s out of the hat pairs shows who can play with anyone and Ken almost held on to his early lead but Bank came from behind to sneak it by a point from Ken, with Alex taking third place.

Sunday the 12th May had an extra event with Spy Classic weighing in with some very pleasant bonuses and a 2000 baht special winners prize which was well appreciated by the ladies, as seen in the picture.  This was won by Joe and Thanom from Brian and Lek, with Muk and Kelvin taking third and Ken and Bert in fourth.

New players always welcome with a mini bus pick up from Pattaya and Bang Chang – call Sue on 087 135 8357.