Wilko on a winning streak

Neil Wilkinson (left) & Freddy Starbeck.
Neil Wilkinson (left) & Freddy Starbeck.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, June 25, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Neil Wilkinson (14) 41pts

2nd David Gray (18) 39pts

3rd Eddie Townsend (21) 39pts

Monday we took on C & A courses at Greenwood and it was a walk in the park for today’s winner Neil Wilkinson, in great form lately and deservedly taking the top spot on the podium. Shooting the best score of the week his 41 points also improved his Player of the Year aspirations and now sees him in joint second place with the skill and time to catch the current leader.

Tuesday, June 26, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Freddy Starbeck (12) 37pts

2nd Jacob Cummings (6) 36pts

3rd Christian Boysen (9) 35pts

Green Valley today and it was the battle of the Vikings with all three places going to the Danes. However it was that old war dog Freddy Starbeck who hammered his wannabe contenders into submission. With his alpha male persona and bellowing vocal chords he left the young, adolescent Vikings in no doubt that he won’t give up his spoils of war easily.

Wednesday, June 27, The Emerald – Stroke

1st Jacob Cummings (6) (6) net 71

2nd Daryl Ottaway (7) net 72

3rd Colin Smith (13) net 77

Today was our monthly TRGG-Ferdinand stroke round and the venue was Emerald. With black clouds looming over the mountains and the imminent threat of rain we decided to tee off but within an hour the heavens opened up and everyone sought refuge at the drink stations. It belted down for nearly an hour and a half by which time half of the caddies and most of the field where “slightly” intoxicated.

It never ceases to amaze me but within ten minutes of the rain stopping the course was ready for play. The seasoned veterans (two players) who refrained from the temptation of alcohol led the way and finished first and second! Jacob Cummings narrowly defeated Daryl Ottaway by a point to win the day and a place in the finals in December.

Friday, June 29, Burapha – Stableford

1st Wayne Coleman (16) 38pts

2nd Neil Wilkinson (12) 38pts

3rd Shane Te-Lee (16) 37pts

With clear skies at Burapha and no threat of rain it was a perfect way to end the week. We normally play the A & B courses but today we played B & C which turned out to be quite an interesting combination.

Taking full advantage of the break in tradition was Wayne Coleman whose 38 points and a count back was enough to take first place. Unfortunately it was Wayne’s last day in the Land of Smiles but he saved his best to the last day and goes home a winner.