Weatherley wins monthly mug

Bill from BJ’s Holiday Lodge (right) presents the monthly mug to Paul Weatherley.
Bill from BJ’s Holiday Lodge (right) presents the monthly mug to Paul Weatherley.

PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Feb. 20, Bangpakong Riverside – Stableford

This is a course where the start list is always full and so it was on this day with 8 groups lining up.  We were soon away and noticed that the greens seemed firm though and they putted very well and true so all in all the course was in excellent condition.

Back at BJ’s it was soon into the results and we had quite few count-backs.  In the A Flight, 0 to 21, the winner was Landis Brooks with 43 points ahead of Rip McLachlan with 40 and Rob Brown in third with 39.  We then had a four-way count-back on 36 points that saw Walter Baechli in fourth, Rick Robshaw in fifth and Paul Weatherly and Brian Parish just losing out.

In the B Flight, 22 up, the winner with a fine 44 points was Henry Wong ahead of Joe Sparwith in second with 41 and Daryl Evans in third with 40.  We then had another count-back on 36 points that saw Poland Raeber in fourth and Barry Oates taking fifth.

The non-winner front nine best score came from Richard Kubicki with 19 points on count-back over Brian Parish and Paul Weatherly and the back nine by Brian Gabe with 20 points.

Friday, Feb. 23, Greenwood A & B – Medal

It was a medal day at Tropical Golf and the monthly mug was up for grabs with 24 golfers hoping to bring their A-game and course management skills out to Greenwood.

Being informed that the greens on “C” nine, our original assigned starting point, had been sanded we asked if we could please play A & B and the starter graciously and promptly moved us onto A1.  Under cloudy skies and reasonable temperatures, playing “Ball-in-Hand thru the Green”, the 7 groups headed off in quest of a round good enough to garner the coveted mug.

With the size of the group it was decided to split into 2 flights and award 4 places in each flight after the overall best score awarded the Mug.  With the round over and cards in, it was back, through pouring rain for half the trip, to BJ’s for the presentation.

Thankfully all golf was played without a drop of rain and it produced a tight finish at the top for three “A’ flight players.  After some confusion over a score card the winners were sorted out and prizes awarded. With those three having fantastic rounds, net 63 and 65’s, it’s a shame they couldn’t all be declared champions on the day.

The winner on the day was Paul Weatherley (CH 20), turning in a fine gross 83, net 63, and that included a 2 over par 38 on the back 9.

Closely following were Deryl Neufeld (19) and Brian Gabe (20), both with net 65’s, with Deryl edging out Brian by 0.5 net on the back 9 count-back.  Rounding out the A flight was Landis Brooks (10) taking a count-back over Kei Kasami (6) on net 71.

The B flight results were: Joe Sparwirth (27), net 71; Daryl Evans (28), net 73; Jim Ferris (26), net 75; edging out, Gordon Clegg (27) also on 75.