Watts wins by a street


Bunker Boys Golf Society

Monday, Jan. 23, Bangpra (white tees) – Medal

A Flight (0-17)

1st Robbie Watts (9) net 66

2nd Neil Carter (14) net 73

3rd Tony Berry (14) net 75


B Flight (17.1+)

1st Eddie Kelly (19) net 72

2nd Gerry Cooney (17) net 72

3rd Les Hall (21) net 80


Near Pins: Eddie Kelly, Ray Johnson, Mike Brett, Neil Carter.

Raleigh Gosney.
Raleigh Gosney.

A good turnout of golfers assembled at Bangpra for the first round of the week at this regular venue.  It was a surprisingly good number as many of our members express their dislike of the “medal” format and we also have a few regulars benched with various ailments or injuries.  Clearly, the lure of the Bangpra course with their monkey troops was too much to resist, resulting in enough players for two flights.

Play got underway on time and proceeded apace until the tenth hole where to everyone’s surprise the course marshal put out a group of five locals with four sets of clubs and one cart in front of our lead group, with the expected result “SLOW PLAY”.  This was most disappointing as the Bangpra course usually sets a higher standard than this and one would hope we don’t see this happen again.

The B flight was a very close race to the finish with the wily veterinarian from Ireland, Eddie Kelly, edging out the inform Gerry Cooney on count back, both finishing on a very respectable 72 net.

The A flight was a different story with the current club champion Robbie Watts blitzing the field with fabulous net 66.  Robbie played with his brand new Mizuno irons for the first time, so clearly there was no need for any settling in period or getting used to new clubs.  Neil Carter came second and the recently returned Tony Berry, with just a few games under his belt, came third.  Tony is one to watch for higher honors in the coming weeks.


Wednesday, Jan. 25, Treasure Hill (white tees) – Stableford

A Flight (0-17.5)

1st Raleigh Gosney (18) 31pts

2nd Les Cobban (8) 31pts

3rd Mike Brett (17) 30pts


B Flight (17.6+)

1st Tim Winder (22) 36pts

2nd PJ Redman (27) 31pts

3rd Tore Eliassen (20) 30pts


Near Pins: Trevor Priestly, Neil Jones, P.J.Redman, Colin Greig.


An affordable golf package of green fees, caddie, and cart was enough to lure twenty-two Bunker Boys to this course, which was surprisingly quiet and play got underway immediately on arrival with the round completed within four hours.

Play was from the white tees which in some cases were far back and may in some way explain the low scores returned, however very few players covered themselves in glory so the less said about scores the better.

One notable event on the course was provided by Eddie Kelly who was rumoured to have hit a tree with every stroke tee to green on one particular hole.  Another was provided by a caddie who decided jub-jub was an insufficient reward for her player after sinking a crucial long putt and much greater delights were suggested.  Raleigh Gosney secured his first win since his arrival back from Japan and Tim Winder Finally won in the B Flight.


Friday, Jan. 27, Royal Lakeside (white tees) – Stableford

A Flight (0-17.5)

1st Mike Brett (17) 34pts

2nd Robbie Watts (7) 33pts

3rd Andy Brady (17) 31pts


B Flight (17.6+)

1st Eddie Kelly (19) 29pts

2nd Gerry Swan (20) 26pts

3rd PJ Redman (27) 25pts


Near Pins: Mike Brett, Colin Greig, PJ Redman.


Twenty golfers made their way to the beautiful Royal Lakeside Course for today’s round.  A delay of twenty minutes due to lack of caddies was the first problem encountered.  Slow play inevitably followed, with as many as four groups waiting on the third tee.

The combination of slow play, a course playing long, and a very strong wind combined to keep scoring to the lowest possibly ever seen at the Bunker Boys.  In fact the less said about scores the better but of note was Mike Brett’s win in the A Flight together with his third place finish on Wednesday, bringing him into contention for G.O.M., as well as Eddie Kelly’s second win in this week in the B Flight.

A few incidents on the course were of note.  A case of “is it or isn’t it” occurred on a par three where a ball lay well within the collar of the green, but it was argued by some that it lay on the first cut.  Unfortunately the “first cut” merged seamlessly with the green so it could be argued either way.  The issue was resolved by sharing that pin with the other three winners.  On the last par three, a player new to the Bunker Boys played a shot into the water only to see his ball jump backwards onto dry land.  Many players have seen a ball skip forward on water, but backwards was a first.  The player in question has volunteered to teach the shot to others once he works out how he did it.

PJ Redmond continued his policy of “random acts of kindness” with an unscheduled tour of the back roads of Chon Buri for his passengers on his way back to the M Club only to discover that he was in fact lost.  One is reminded of a similar occurrence with Rab McDonald some years ago when he missed the Pattaya turn off and ended up half way to Cambodia.