Watson & Perry the stars at Pattana


PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Dec. 15, Pattana A & B – Stableford

This promised to be fun and with the biggest turnout, probably, of the new ‘High Season’, Dick thought it would be fun to run the different flights off different tees.  So the A Flight players were set to play off the white tees and the B Flight to play off the yellow tees.

At the course we got underway in nice time and then it was just a great day out.  There is no doubt on my mind that this is the best clubhouse around, but the course is also a fine one to play and as I was in a buggy and the other two walking I had time to smell the roses.

Bob Watson (right) with Nigel Perry.

The two walking in my group included my grandson, who was playing his first round in Thailand, and as he had been volunteered to play I even lent him my old golf shoes that had been in my cupboard for a long time.  I did not realise till the soles came off and the caddies held them on with elastic bands that old shoes here dry up and the soles fall off.  Oh the fun!

Still the walk around was much enjoyed until we got back to the restaurant where grandson No. 2 and Nigel Perry decided the best way to beat the heat was to drink jugs of ++beer.  Mind we had plenty of time as the other groups slowly trickled in, all saying what a great day they had had.

We were back late at BJ’s and got straight into the presentations.  In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Bob Watson with 39 points, and as this was shot by a 4 handicap player it was a one over round of great golf.  We then had a count back on 38 points that saw Brian Gabe in second and Brian Parish third.  Maurice Roberts took fourth spot on another count back over Rob Brown, both locked on 37 points each.

In the B Flight the winner had the best score of the day; Nigel Perry winning with 42 points ahead of Barry Elphick in second with 38.  Torsten Bischoff took third with 35 points and Dick Warberg was fourth with 32.

Near Pins: Bob Watson, Dave Nicholson, John Anderson, AVD

Long Putts: Maurice Roberts

Friday, Dec. 18, Pattavia – Stableford

Christmas is soon upon us, and we at the Tropical Golf Group wish everyone Happy Holidays!  With just a couple rounds of golf to go before the Big Day it’s a chance for the Tropical Golfers to get out and decide what piece of equipment they hope Santa brings.  Or maybe it’s the whole kit!

Dick Warberg (left) with Brian Gabe.

The destination this day was Pattavia Century, and under (finally) a little cooler weather the hopefuls set out.  Pattavia gets it right.  With a course in very good condition, quite reasonable fees (THB 1,050 to walk) and fine facilities, other courses in the area who fall back on “but we’re closer” to charge more for less are too hopeful.  It’s a longer drive, but the good news is much of the rough road to the course has been repaired enough to make the drive much less arduous, and even the main highway is getting a makeover.

As stated, the course is in very good shape and forgiving, but where Pattavia bites back is on the slick and highly sloped greens where three (and more) putts are common.  Who could navigate the tricky greens best on this day?

It was a close finish all the way down the line, but when all cards and count backs were in, Dick Warberg (H/cap 21) edged out the rest with a respectable 35 points.  Well played and congrats!  The next were all involved in a count back at the 34 point mark.  After much calculation Brian Gabe (18) came out ahead of John Davis (12) and Alan Sullivan (11), with the honest Daryl Evans, who pointed out an error, being left out of the finalists.

Near Pins: Tom Herrington, Daryl Evans, Brian Gabe, John Davis.

Long Putts:  Brian Parish.