Walsh shines at Eastern Star


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, May 25, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

A last minute change of plan saw us head from Burapha over to Pattaya Country Club where we were able to get our four groups slotted in by 9.45 a.m. with no problems at all.  The equal cut in the two divisions today was an amazing 11-20 and 21+.

Iain Walsh & Chris Voller.

Dave Horne topped division 1 standings with 39 points, five up on Colin James in second place and Alan Bissell beat Kari Aarnio and Eiichi Matsumoto for third on a 19/18/16 count back after they all returned with 33 points each.

In division two there were four 31-pointers fighting for first place and taking pole position on a 17/15/14/13 back-nine count back was Roar Berger ahead of James Tognela, Loius Wong and Gordon Everingham in that order.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Terry Madsen, and (Div 2) Roar Berger, Colin James and Eiichi Matsumoto (2).

There were no ‘2’s today in either division.

Wednesday, May 27, Khao Kheow- Stableford

We were allocated the B and C courses today and it was back to normal with the divisional cut, this being set at 5-16 in the top flight and 18+ in division 2.

Chris Voller’s 37 points won the division 1 honours, with Martin Grimoldby in second place three points behind and Ian Speirs was third with 33.

Bob Poole was the top man in division 2, winning with 33 points as Colin James, in his last game with us this visit, took second on 31 and Curtis Hessler placed third with 29.

There were no nearest the pins on B3 in either division and on C8 Martin Grimoldby, in division 1, and Curtis Hessler in division 2 were the winners.

Martin Grimoldby birdied B3 and C8 to sweep the ‘2’s pot in division 1 and once again there were no ‘2’s in the second flight.

Friday, May 29, Eastern Star – Stableford

The wind coming off the coast made it a pleasant round at Eastern Star today and we had five groups out in total.

Playing off 17, Iain Walsh topped division 1 with 37 points ahead of a trio locked on 34 points that saw Colin Aspinall take second, Tony Thorne third and Frank Kelly lose out after the count back calculations.

Joe Kubon’s 34 points was the best in division 2, with Dave Brown placing second one point behind and Lars Svensson took third with 30.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Colin Aspinall, Karl Flood and Chris Voller, and (Div 2) Joe Kubon and Iain Walsh.

Colin Aspinall birdied the 17th and Arthur Hancock the 3rd and the 6th to share the ‘2’s pot in division 1 and there was another blank in the second flight.