Vincenzi victorious at Phoenix


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Feb. 25, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Pattana was on the schedule for today but with no holiday discount we played here at Pattaya Country Club with a negotiated and realistic green fee.

There were 35 players out and 39 points was the best score in the three divisions, coming from Rod Howett in division 3.  David Phillips took second spot with 36 points, beating Charlie Charalambous and Randy Flello on a 19/17/14 back nine count back.

Uli Bangerter topped division 1 with 38 points, beating Jerry McCarthy on a 20/18 back nine count back, and Lindsay Phillips was third with 35.

In his last game but one before his return to China and then to Bristol for a short break, Bob Poole was the winner in division 2 with 36 points, one ahead of Rudi Schaefer in second, and the frog, a.k.a. Jean Morel, beat Don Head on a 20/14 back nine count back for third after they both scored 34 points.  Miss Nut was not happy at the presentation.

Horst Starchl, Lindsay Phillips, Harry Vincenzi and Jerry McCarthy.Horst Starchl, Lindsay Phillips, Harry Vincenzi and Jerry McCarthy.

Near pins went to Gerry Cooke, Dave Edwards, Jean Morel, Chris Voller, Mike Fitzgerald, Randy Flello and Matti Pihlajisto.

Chris Voller birdied the 12th to win the division one ‘2’s pot and Mike Fitzgerald did the same in division two with a ‘2’ on the 16th and he was a happy chappy.

It was bon voyage today to Bob Poole back to China, Mike and Herma Fitzgerald back to Holland, and Howard and Jill Stanley back to the UK.  We will see you all soon!

Wednesday, Feb. 27, Phoenix – Stableford

There was a field of 56 players out today in a four divisional stableford competition which also included a pairs better-ball contest.  It was very warm as we arrived and we teed off bang on schedule at 10 a.m. as 14 groups set out to do battle on the Lakes and Ocean nines.

Harry Vincenzi returned the best score of the day, winning division 2 with 41 points.  Barry Stirling took second with 40 points, Jerry McCarthy was in third place on 36 and Dennis Scougal beat Jim Connelley and Rudi Schaefer on a 19/18/16 back nine count back for fourth after they all came in with 35 points.

Mike Fitzgerald was the winner in division 3 with 40 points ahead of Zorro, alias Paul Chabot in second with 35.  Magne Gunnarsson was third on 34 and Charlie Charalambous came in fourth place on count back after scoring 32 points.

The lowest winning score was in division 1, with Chris Voller, now playing off 8, winning the division with 38 points.  This was followed by three scores on 35 and the resulting count back saw Uli Bangerter in second, Wichai Tanunsorn third and Billy Fitzgerald taking fourth.

In the ladies competition today after a three month spell in France, Pranee Bossett returned and won the ladies division with 38 points.  Miss Nut was in second four points behind and Noi Emmerson placed third on 27.

Technical prizes were awarded as follows:  Nearest the pin 3 shots (Lake 5) – Noi Emmerson, Marty Rock, Jerry McCarthy and Richard Kings; Nearest the pin 2 shots (Lake 8) – Billy Fitzgerald, Tim Hake; Nearest the pin 2 shots (Ocean 6) – Lindsay Phillips, Dennis Scougal and Mike Fitzgerald; Longest Drive (Ocean 9) – Raivo Velsberg, Bruce Gardner and David Phillips.

Regular near pin prizes went to Horst Starchl, Glenn King, Billy Fitzgerald, Jerry McCarthy, Kern Carr, Mike Fitzgerald and Bryan Rought.

Barry Stirling birdied Ocean 7, as did Harry Vincenzi, and Horst Starchl the 2nd hole on the Lake course to split the ‘2’s pot three ways in division 1.

It was bon voyage today to Glenn and Lyn King, heading back to Oz.

Friday, March 1, Eastern Star – Stableford

This course is slightly improving each week and there were not too many moans today and we all look forward to the planned improvements being made during April.  We did suggest to the management that it would be better if they closed the course during Songkran week on the 13th as we will not be playing in this period, but who knows.

37 points was the best score in the two divisions and Ted Gardner was on podium position in division 1, with 6 points after 7 holes and 11 on the front nine, then 22 points on the back nine.  Chris Voller came in second with 33 points, beating Pete Sumner by one point.

In the frame yet again, Rod Howett won division two with 35 points, while Iain Walsh was second with 30 after beating Frank Kelly on a 19/15 back nine count back.

Paul Chabot birdied the third hole to scoop the ‘2’s pot in division 2 and a rollover ensues in division 1 to next Friday.

Near pins were won by Mikael Andersson, Ken Blake, Jerry Douley, Frank Kelly and Walter Webber.