Tough pin placements take a toll at Phoenix


PSC Golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

Monday, May 9, Phoenix – Stableford

Phoenix was the place to be today, playing Mountain and Lakes it was a quick round of golf for all.  There were only three groups playing and all were finished in just under four hours.

The course was in great shape, but the greens-keeper must have been in a bad mood because some of the pin positions were impossible to get at and that was reflected in the scoring as there were only two golfers able the beat 30 points.

Though it was a bit hot there was a nice breeze to make the day enjoyable.

William Macey (left) with Tim Knight and Bill Eyles.

Coming third today on a count back was Freddy Starbeck with 30 points, beating John Anderson with a better back nine.  Second place went to ‘Kolorful Kick Ass’ Kevin Wild with 35 points, him being beaten by one of his playing partners, Keith Allen, who shot 36 points for the win.   There was only one ‘2’, coming from Gentry Harrington.

Wednesday, May 11, Green Valley – Stableford

The meteorologists in all parts of the world are as unreliable as politicians.  They had forecast rain for this week but a brief shower in Pattaya on Saturday was the sum total for the week.  Everything is looking worse for wear on the course here, much of the grass has hibernated and there are large areas on the fairways where there is no grass at all, slowly turning to dust, but there are pockets of lush green grass where the sprinklers are leaking, creating a wet, soggy mess.

Gerard Lambert with Gary Ritchie and Thiery Petrement.

This situation is getting worse by the week and is not helped by the fact that recorded temperatures are in the mid 40s and we have an irrigation system that is out of control and I would suggest that 75% of the sprinklers are either damaged or are not working at all.  When is the management going to look into this problem before the grass completely disappears?

There is one consolation, however, emanating from these problems for with the hard fairways the scribe’s 200 yard drives are now 50/60 yards further but, unfortunately, that is not a great help to my short game.

A remarkable day today with 4 golfers recording 37 points with many on 36 points not getting a look in.  Back 9s, back 6s came into effect with 3 of them  having 21 points on the front 9 and 16 points on the back 9 but the end result had Tim Knight with 9 points on the last six holes just losing out for 3rd place to Bill Eyles who had 11 points on the last six holes.  Kiwi Bill found hidden reserves of energy, perhaps the Singha had the desired effect, to finish 2nd, recording 11 points on the back six holes but that old reliable Jimmy Grieve (I thought he played for Chelsea) had the better of everyone by having 16 on the front and 21 points on the back to take the plaudits.

The ladies were sadly diminished today because of the member’s tournament on Friday.  The reduced flight saw Miss Saipin winning with a remarkable 46 points from Miss Som who had 41.

The greens have been scarified which resulted in only one ‘2’ and that went to the old man of Billabong, William Macey.

Friday, May 13, Burapha – Stableford

It was a great day for golf, not too hot and humid, well that was how it started but it got a bit hotter as the dark clouds were coming toward us.  However it didn’t rain until we were leaving the car park.

Burapha must have had some rain of late as the bunkers were like concrete and very difficult to get out of.  With six groups playing we got away to an early start and were back in just over four hours. The course is in great condition at the moment with greens that are as fast as hell but good to putt on.

The scores weren’t bad with a three-way count back for 3rd and 4th all on 35 points, my good mate from Bendigo, Mark Bell just missing out on a place to Gerard Lambert taking 4th place, and Gerard’s good mate Thiery Petrement taking 3rd.  Second place went to Gary Ritchie with 37 points, him being beaten on a count back by Alistair Gall.

There were three ‘2’s coming from Ramsay Smith, and Gary Ritchie (two).

The monthly scramble this month will be at Burapha as the Navy course is closed for a rather large tournament.

Note: We are having our annual charity day golf tournament at Phoenix Gold on the 21st June – a shot gun start at 11.30 for special needs children.  All proceeds go to the children and last year we raised just under 600,000 baht.  The start sheet is up in the bar and will be capped at 144 players.  If interested in playing give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 or Scotty Qua on 081 965 8785.