Tough going at Khao Kheow again


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, August 8, Khao Kheow – Stableford

A good field of 23 Outbackers played the B & C loops on our first Monday at Khao Kheow.  The car park was empty, as of course was the course, allowing us to tee off early on what looked as though was going to be a very wet day.  

In fact it wasn’t bad at all, apart from a severe squall that came through as our middle groups reached the par 3 third, turning the hole, which already had the tee well back, into a 200yard plus monster; only one of that group scored a point.  The next group had the sense to wait until the weather passed through, which didn’t take long and the round was able to continue in pleasant enough conditions.

Apart from the greens which were great, albeit slow, the course appears to be going through troubled times as they try to deal with the infestation of the ‘cow’ grass, leaving large patches of dying grass all over the place.  Round the greens is not too clever either and it’s quite possible the Outback will consider ‘pick, clean and place’ on their visit there next Monday, regardless of the weather.

Clearly these conditions contributed greatly to the course playing 3 shots tougher than par as the best score in came from Bill Mercer, who won Div B with 37 points from Brain Maddox on 34 and John Fitzgerald, who headed a three-way count-back on 30, to take third.  Div A went to Jim Peachey (34pts), having his first game with the Outback for a while, as General Jack scrambled his way to 33 points for second place ahead of Steve Grant on 32.

There were only two ‘2’s from Paul O’Mahoney on hole 8 (B8) and Suzi Lawton on hole 17 (C8).

Div A (0-16)

1st Jim Peachey (15/Hi13.8) 34pts

2nd Jack Moseley (16/Hi15) 33pts

3rd Steve Grant (9/Hi8.7) 32pts

4th Paul O’Mahoney (9/Hi8.7) 31pts

Div B (17+)

1st William Mercer (18/Hi17.4) 37pts

2nd Brian Maddox (19/Hi17.8) 34pts

3rd John Fitzgerald (17/Hi16.2) 30pts

4th Alan Ansell (23/Hi21.8) 30pts

Tuesday, August 9, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Billy Fitzgerald scored an amazing 26 points (level par) on the front nine but it wasn’t enough to beat the ‘in form’ Turnip, aka Dennis Persson, who collared him on count-back on the back nine.  Both scored 40 points on an excellent day for golf and generally the scores were on the high side as the course played one shot easier than par.

Div B went to another who is playing well at the moment, Dave Earthrowl, who had 39 points beating Nigel Cannon with 36; Nigel is also on a hot streak, he shot 40 points here yesterday.  Laong returned to some better golf to take third ahead of the returning Kurt Eric Persson (no relation])

For the record, 21 Outbackers played and there was just one ‘2’ from Tony McDonough on hole No. 7.

Div A (0-17)

1st Dennis Persson (16) 40pts

2nd Billy Fitzgerald i15.9) 40pts

3rd John Cogan (16/Hi15.9) 36pts

4th Barry Chadbourn (17) 35pts

Div B (18+)

1st David Earthrowl (18/Hi18.2) 39pts

2nd Nigel Cannon (18) 36pts

3rd Laong Gatepratum (29/Hi26) 35pts

4th Kurt Eric Persson (30/Hi29.5) 32pts

Wednesday, August 10, Burapha – Stableford

20 Outbackers travelled to Burapha for the first time on a Wednesday to be greeted by black clouds and the likelihood of rain but were lucky as the showers lasted for less than one hole and we finished the round in sunshine.  Unusually we did not have the course to ourselves, resulting in our teeing off 10 minutes late instead of half an hour early as was often the case on Mondays but even though the pace of playe appeared slow, we still completed our round in 4 hours and 15 minutes.

The C course was again in great condition but the D course greens have still not fully recovered from their recent scarifying and sanding; carts were not allowed on the course because of recent rains but the course was reasonably dry and very playable.

After the results were processed, the computer calculated that with the lower than average scoring, the course had played one shot harder than par, as Keith Gilfether (37pts), winner of Div A, was the only player to better his handicap. Burapha member, John O’Keefe (35pts) took second ahead of Kissy in third with 34.

Div B fared less well, and with the exception of the Div B winner, Tommy Jensen (33pts), the first ten places overall, all came from Div A.

There was just one ‘2’ again today from John O’Keefe on hole No. D2

Div A (0-17)

1st Keith Gilfether (10) 37pts

2nd John O’Keefe (17/Hi16.2) 35pts

3rd Keith Buchanan (16) 34pts

4th John Fitzgerald (17/Hi16.2) 33pts

Div B (18+)

1st Tommy Jensen (18/Hi17.6) 33pts

2nd Bill Conway (31/Hi29.7) 30pts

3rd Greg Hill (20/Hi19.4) 30pts

4th Matt Blevins (20/Hi19.2) 30pts

Friday, August 12, Green Valley – Stableford

A full field of 40 Outbackers, less a one “Kissy”, who couldn’t find the course for this “Mother’s Day” holiday here at Green Valley.  It was always likely to be a slow round as the Thai Mother’s Day is also the Queen’s Birthday, when most golf courses give ladies a free green fee for this special day.  However, ‘hats off’ to all those who played, as we all got round in an amazing 41/4 hours in what was a very pleasant day out on a course which was in excellent condition albeit the greens a little slow.

There was seemingly little excuse for at least 40 points to win the day but surprisingly, nobody got near that sort of score with the 36 points from General Jack, which won Div B, being the top score of the day with the computer calculating that the course played one shot harder than par.  Second was Bill Broschart (35) and third was Gez Lees with 34.

Jan Eriksen followed up his win here last week,with another win today, this time with 35 points to take Div A, ahead of two players playing with the Outback for the first time, Dale Shier with 34 and Mike Prideaux with 33, who headed a three way count-back of 19, 18, 15, from Paul Bourke and Paul Greenaway.

Div C went to Adam Oyston (35pts) from “Nifty Nev” (34pts) with an amazing 23 points on the back nine, as David Davies, complete with moon-boot, took third with the same 34 but obviously comprehensively beaten on count-back.

There were just two ‘2’s from Joe Mooneyham on hole 4 and Dale Shier on hole 16.

Div A (0-13)

1st Jan Eriksen (13/Hi13.7) 35pts

2nd Dale Shier (12/Hi13) 34pts

3rd Mike Prideaux (11/Hi11.5) 33pts

4th Paul Bourke (11/Hi11.5) 33pts

Div B (14-17)

1st Jack Moseley (15/Hi15.1) 36

2nd Bill Broschart (14/Hi14.4) 35pts

3rd Jez Lees (15/Hi15.5) 34pts

4th John Fitzgerald (16/Hi16.2) 33pts

Div C (18+)

1st Adam Oyston (18/Hi18.4) 35pts

2nd Nev Steward (22/Hi21.5) 34pts

3rd David Davies (25/Hi24.3) 34pts

4th Roger Koehler (26/Hi25.4) 33pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country. All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.