‘Top Cat’ beats the blues


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Sept. 1, Khao Kheow – Stableford

With 4 groups of our players away in Hua Hin there was just a small turnout at BJ’s early on Tuesday morning and so with little paperwork to do and we were soon on our way to Khao Kheow.

The test for the day was to be the B & A nines in that order and with the numbers we had it was a simple case for the organizer to announce “you four are second and we are first”.  So off we went and immediately we got stuck behind a slow 4-ball, but it was still an enjoyable walk around.

Tom Cotton.Tom Cotton.

The course was in quite good condition, however the greens were a bit slow and the fairways a little bare, but what a fine day and the scores were good.

Round over and back at BJ’s it was soon time for the result.  The winner with 36 points was Landis Brooks ahead of Takeshi Hakozaki in second on 35 and Dick Warberg in third with 34, the latter edging the scribe, Derek Brook, off the podium on count back.

Friday, Sept. 4, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

We decided to book Pleasant Valley on Friday as it had been quite awhile since we had last been there.  And with some special deals to be had on green fees it seemed a good idea to check out the condition of a course we usually play often during the high season.

On the first tee 30 minutes early it was decided to play the ‘blue’ tees except for #12 where we would play from the ‘white’ tee due to the carry over the water hazard.  This decision was met with a couple of groans but all did tee it up and off we went.

There are a few holes on this course where the ‘blues’ are quite long if the tees are located on the tee box listed on the card.  However, it seems the course has realized that these holes, #8 and #14 in particular, are too long for the average player and so they place the ‘blue’ markers on the ‘white’ tee box.  Keeping track of the yardages from the tees played showed that we played a course within 20 yards of the yardage shown on the card for the ‘blue’ tees, with a couple of tees moved back to compensate for those that have been moved forward.

Basically we found the course in good condition, with decent grass under the ball on the fairways and the greens running at a reasonable speed and true.  Now, if the course would just get an adequate number of hazard stakes placed along the hazards all would be great.  Nonetheless, we made it around in 4 hours and although the skies threatened, the thunderstorm missed us and we were soon ready to head back down the 7 to for a snack, a drink, and the results of the day.

With no technical prizes on offer due to the small number of players, it was pretty simple for the organizer to sort things out and wouldn’t you know, one of the ‘blue tee groaners’, “Top Cat” Tom Cotton (h/cap 21) managed to  nip the field, turning in a fine 37 points.  He was followed on the podium by Dick Warberg (19) with 36 points and Gerd Riedler (7) with 33.