Tigers moving in the right direction


After another long layoff in the Bangkok Softball League, Pattaya based Thai Tigers had the job of facing the hard hitting Bourbon Street team in their latest fixture last weekend.

The Tigers showed their intentions in the first inning with the second home run of the season from outfielder Aof, and they never relinquished the lead from then on.  The Tigers’ bats kept swinging and the stellar defense worked perfect on this occasion.  Bourbon never got out of the traps and were on the wrong end of a lopsided 13-5 score.

It seemed Bourbon took this loss personally and they came out fast in game 2, scoring 2 quick runs and hoping the Tigers would buckle under the pressure.  However the Tigers team responded fantastically by scoring a whopping 5 runs in the bottom of their opening inning and squeezed all life out of the Bourbon team.

Great defensive plays by shortstop Top prevented more scoring from Bourbon in the second inning and the Tigers added to the pain by scoring 3 more runs of their own.

The Tigers appeared to ease up in the closing stages of game 2 as Bourbon staged a mini-recovery but the Pattaya team never looked in any real trouble and took victory by a score of 9-6.

With this sweep, the Thai Tigers have moved up 2 spots in the rankings and are no longer last in the league.  With the bottom team Tilac on the menu this coming weekend it looks like the Tigers are moving north and getting into the groove for the play-offs in 5 weeks time.

Thai Tigers softball team.

Note: If you would like to get involved in some fun baseball or softball in Pattaya, contact the Tigers’ player/head coach Dirk at [email protected]