The Thunder from Down Under


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, August 28, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Clinton Hazlett (9) 40pts

2nd Yui Bietry (14) 38pts

3rd David Day (14) 38pts

B Flight

1st Jean LaRoche (16) 39pts

2nd Peter Henshaw (16) 38pts

3rd Nick Shaw (17) 35pts

Australian Clinton Hazlett, who as seen his handicap climb over the last two years, signaled that he may have solved the plot.  Clint won the monthly medal only last week with a spectacular 44 points and followed that with an A Flight winning 40 points and man of the match honours, that left the second place to Peter ‘the Silver Surfer’ Henshaw with an impressive 38 point return that left Nick Shaw to close the flight on 35 points.

Colin Davis (left) with Sunday’s winners Jean LaRoche and Peter Henshaw.Colin Davis (left) with Sunday’s winners Jean LaRoche and Peter Henshaw.

The laurels in B Flight went to the man riding a purple cloud, Canadian Jean LaRoche with an excellent 39 points.  Jean left the lower steps of the podium to be sorted out by a count back between Lewiinski’s belle Yui Bietry and David Day, with the ladies before gentlemen rule prevailing, however David wasn’t disappointed for too long as got to share a very healthy 2’s pot with Phil Haigh.

Tuesday, August 20, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Ian Wilson (21) 35pts

2nd Mike Jeffrey’s (17) 35pts

3rd Nick Shaw (17) 35pts

Ian Wilson, lethal off a 21 handicap, was good enough, albeit barely, to edge victory on a three-way count back over Mike ‘the Welsh wizard’ Jeffreys and Nick Shaw for the man of the match honours.  The silver went to the Welshman and the bronze to Nick to match his Sunday third place finish.

No 2’s were recorded so a rollover on Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 21, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st Lou Szigligeti (16) 40pts

2nd Peter Terry (17) 37pts

3rd Salvatore Brizzi (9) 32pts

B Flight

1st Bill Broschart (19) 35pts

2nd Ian Wilson (21) 34pts

3rd Rod Brown (17) 32pts

The pied piper of Oz, Lou Zigzag, has been considered a player of great potential, or was it a sandbagging bandit.  Well in any event, Lou showed the ability all day that has only come in flashes as he was man of the match with a sparkling 40 points.

Peter Terry, the man riding a purple patch, followed Lou up the podium steps with 37 points and these two players were the only competitors to better their handicaps.  Aussie Salvatore Brizzi was pleased his 32 points landed him the bronze.

In B Flight, Bill Broschart was the top player with a solid 35 points as Ian Wilson followed Tuesday’s first spot with the silver.  In the meantime, Rod Brown was relegating Aussie Nick Odnoral to the honorable category with the aid of a count back.

Kevin Rodgers was the sole heir to the very healthy rollover 2’s pot – a missing person alert was issued shortly after the presentation.

Friday, August 23, Treasure Hill – Stableford

A Flight

1st Bill Stewart (8) 37pts

2nd John Pierrel (12) 35pts

B Flight

1st Martin Allard (16) 38pts

2nd Jean LaRoche (18) 34pts

Didn’t I just mention Lou ‘the pied piper of Oz’ Zigzag in Wednesday’s article?  Maybe he should be the guy in the title well, perhaps he is.  But he did shoot the best score on the day for his second consecutive win on a tough Treasure Hill.  That was good for the top spot in B Flight and the man of the match honours by a stroke from the A Flight top man Bill Stewart.

John Stewart, never far from the podium, took the silver in A Fight two strokes in arrears, as Jean LaRoche did the same in B Flight four shots adrift of Lou.  Interestingly both the silver finishers carded a 2 along with Jim Bell.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street.  Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.