The scribe sees the light


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Eureka, “I can see” said the blind man.  Three golfers had a road to Damascus moment this week to record 40+ scores and go on to win a golf competition by the proverbial street.  Derek Thorogood at Khao Kheow on Monday, yours truly at Bangpakong on Tuesday and Joe Depasquale at Greenwood on Saturday all had a rush of blood to the head to record their best scores of the year and were last seen walking on air through the streets of Pattaya.

Monday, Feb. 23, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Monday got us underway with a trip over to Khao Kheow (B and A courses).  In Division 1 two 12 handicappers fought it out to the finish line and only a count back could separate them.  German Odermatt just managed to get his nose in front of tiny Tewin Poopay Lamthong to take first place from the diminutive Thai lady.  Regular winner Neil Bramley could only make it into third spot on the day.

(L-R) Derek Thorogood, Andy Rich and Joe Depasquale.(L-R) Derek Thorogood, Andy Rich and Joe Depasquale.

In Division 2, Derek Thorogood had a round to remember and rattled up 40 points, which turned out to be 7 ahead of second and third places filled by Thomas Knudsen and David Booth respectively.

Div.1 (0-13)

1st German Odermatt (12) 35pts

2nd Tewin Poopay Lamthong (12) 35pts

3rd Neil Bramley (8) 33pts

Div.2 (14+)

1st Derek Thorogood (15) 40pts

2nd Thomas Knudsen (30) 33pts

3rd David Booth (16) 33pts

Tuesday, Feb. 24, Bangpakong – Stableford

On Tuesday the TRGG stalwarts headed over to Bangpakong which is rapidly becoming my favourite course.  I nearly always play well there and this Tuesday was no exception.

Ian Bell led the way home in Division 1 and an orderly queue formed up right behind him.  Nick Thomas finished one shot behind Ian and jovial Frank Courtney finished one shot behind Nick.

In Division 2, your scribe (Andy Rich) was nearly tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail after playing some of the best golf of my life and rattling up 43 points.  Despite mumbles of Bandit, Cowboy and you must be joking coming from the assembled throng, I finished 6 points ahead of the rest.  Reg Glass shot a very respectable 37 points to finish in second place and Gary Ralph shot his handicap to finish third.

You will all be pleased to hear that the Handicapper eventually caught up with me and docked me three shots.  Ouch!

Div.1 (0-15)

1st Ian Bell (7) 36 pts

2nd Nick Thomas (5) 35pts

3rd Frank Courtney (15) 34pts

Div.2 (16+)

1st Andy Rich (20) 43pts

2nd Reg Glass (17) 37pts

3rd Gary Ralph (17) 36pts

Thursday, Feb. 26, St. Andrews – 4-Man Team

On Thursday the TRGG introduced a last minute change of format to the original agenda.  Instead of our usual visit to Green Valley for a stableford competition, a four-ball team event was arranged at St. Andrews with the two best scores counting.  I am sorry but there were no published results so I cannot let you know how it all turned out.

Saturday, Feb. 28, Greenwood – Stableford

The week drew to a close with another trip over to Greenwood (C and A courses).  The weather is definitely starting to get hotter and a few of the competitors started to wilt in the heat.

The weather proved no problem for Joe Depasquale in Division 1 and he came to the boil with an astounding 40 points on a course that always plays long because there is very little run on the well-watered fairways.  Joe is another golfer who looks as though he would be at home as a jockey as there really is not much of him.  He proved on the day that size doesn’t matter if you know how to manoeuvre a ball around a golf course.

Joe was followed home by fierce adversaries Fergus Brennan and Tristan Gilbert, with Fergus just winning on count back.

In Division 2, Joe Nagle showed he can win on a Saturday as well as a Tuesday, which he has done for the previous two weeks.  He scraped home ahead of my playing partner Noel Larkin who was rattling in putts from all over the place.  Mike O’Neill took third place.

Div.1 (0-13)

1st Joe Depasquale (12) 40pts

2nd Fergus Brennan (13) 38pts

3rd Tristan Gilbert (11) 38pts

Div.2 (14+)

1st Joe Nagle (17) 34pts

2nd Noel Larkin (17) 33pts

3rd Mike O’Neill (23) 32pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG, please phone Fergus Brennan on 086 056 7019 or pop into the Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists which are posted on the notice board.