The postman delivers


The Golf Club weekly review

Monday, May 1, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Dave Ferris (19) 42pts

2nd Mark Wood (10) 41pts

3rd Gary Emmett (16) 37pts

Mark Wood and Dave Ferris back at TGC.
Mark Wood and Dave Ferris back at TGC.

It’s the merry, merry month of May already so get ready for some very hot golf in the next few weeks.  Water and electrolytes are the beverages of choice that will help you get through this month, one of our hottest.

High temperatures and high stableford scoring seemed to be on the cards this week.  You needed to have bettered your handicap if you were looking at getting any handsome man vouchers from Capt. Phil. this Monday.

J.P. Thomas was in the money, but she was there for the near pin win.  At the 37 point mark, Gary Emmett was back on the podium for third.  Marky must have thought he had it in the bag with 41 on the card, but Dave Ferris had other ideas.  The postman delivers again and a terrific 42 put Dave on top today.

Tuesday, May 2, Parichat Links (white tees) – Stableford

1st Frank Tordeur (20) 44pts

2nd Kenny Aihara (6) 33pts

3rd Des Leonard (19) 29pts

Kris K., Alan Rothwell and Frank Tordeur.
Kris K., Alan Rothwell and Frank Tordeur.

On fire, that’s all you can say about Frank Tordeur’s round out there today as our visiting Belgian was a massive 11 strokes ahead of the field for the biggest margin of victory this year.  Stalwart Kenny Aihara could only manage 33 points and our new Aussie mate Des Leonard took 29, as well as the near pin.

The vans were back at 2:30 this afternoon, so that made for an under 4 hour round and just 25 minutes to and from the golf course.  This course is not everyone’s cup of tea, but clubhouse chatter was very positive on the whole.  The condition of the course was great and if not for a couple of long carries off the tee, Parichat would score an A on anyone’s report card.

Thursday, May 4, Burapha A & B (white tees) – Stableford

1st Alan Rothwell (6) 42pts

2nd Kris Kritsanajoothra (9) 40pts

3rd Frank Tordeur (19) 39pts

We don’t get out to Burapha much in the high season but when summertime comes around, it is always on our playlist.  This is a beautiful golf course and always in top condition.  When I booked here last month, the desk advised that coring and sanding was being done on the other tracks, which was an appreciated courtesy.

Mark Wood with Ken Grimes and Kenny Aihara.
Mark Wood with Ken Grimes and Kenny Aihara.

Frank Tordeur got cut a stroke but still continued his top form and finished on the podium again with a 39 on the card for third.

Kris K. is our buddy from the opening of The Golf Club 10 years ago.  He has his PGA teaching credentials now so if there is a course out there that needs a great Thai-American pro, just get in touch here.  Kris had a great day and finished with a big red 40 circled at the top of his card.

The mayor of New York had his best ever round in Thailand and ate up this course.  Playing off a 6 handicap, Alan’s 42 was a fantastic round at level par.  Nice shootin’ there Mr. Mayor!  Oh yes, he also took the Caddy Smile near pin as well, not bad going in this heat.

Friday, May 5, Mt. Shadow (white tees) – Stableford

T1st Mark Wood (10) 37pts

T1st Ken Grimes (23) 37pts

3rd Kenny Aihara (6) 36pts

We finally got a break in the weather and woke to overcast skies and much cooler weather for today’s round.  Overnight rains even left Soi Buakhao nice and clean for a change.

It was Mountain Shadow on the agenda for today and the course did not disappoint.  The greens were a bit slower than normal but that drew no complaints from the players as they are usually lightning fast.

Kenny Aihara was back on the leaderboard, shooting to his handicap for third place.  It was Scotland v. Australia for the final 2 spots and in the end it was a draw with Mark Wood tied with Kenny Grimes on the 37 point mark for the shared win.  I guess you could say Marky had the advantage as he took the near pin cash and did not hurt his handicap!