The Haven wins the Finn Haven Trophy


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, Feb. 10, Crystal Bay C & A – Stableford

CSS 72

Division 1 (0-17)

1st Alan Hanlon (13) 35pts

2nd Bruce Kusyk (12) 34pts

3rd Russell Exley (8) 34pts

4th Walter O’Keefe (15) 34pts

5th Mick Alleyne (8) 34pts

Division 2 (18+)

1st Terry Hodgkiss (23) 40pts

2nd Konrad Klama (24) 32pts

3rd Brian Lewis (21) 32pts

4th Patrick Scullion (21) 32pts

5th Shuichi Kodaka (19) 32pts

Markku Tynell could not continue with his run of Monday successes as he slumped to one of his worst returns for some time, which left the door wide open for Terry Hodgkiss to march through, which he did in style winning the second division by eight clear after an excellent round without a blob in sight.  Added to six three-pointers it gave him his best net score return for a year and equaled his previous personal best.  This result will see Terry’s handicap down to its lowest ever for the following week’s competitions.

Allan Hanlon and Graham Johnson.Allan Hanlon and Graham Johnson.

The reset of the division podium placements had to be decide by a count back, which was won by Konrad Klama with a best of 15, with Brian Lewis in third with 14, Patrick Scullion in fourth on 13 and Shuichi Kodaka a disappointed fifth after he had gone out over the front nine in three under handicap.

The first division was a much closer affair with Alan Hanlon once again coming out on top with a solid one over return that could have been so much better but for a couple of errant drives which resulted in zero scores.

Second place went to a four-way count back that the inform Bruce Kusyk won with a best 18 as he was ruing the zero-pointer on the ninth to close out what was otherwise a very good front half.

Russell Exley, playing one of his occasional rounds, showed that he will be a force to be reckoned with if he starts to play more frequently once again as he took third place with 16 and a tidy card showing no double bogeys.  Walter O’Keefe took fourth with 13 and Mick Alleyne fifth with a lowly 12 after he had high hopes following his opening nine.

There were no 2’s in either division.

Wednesday, Feb. 12, Greenwood A & B – Stableford

CSS 73

Division 1 (0-8)

1st Pekka Palmu (5) 33pts

2nd Phil Mitchell (6) 30pts

3rd Jukka Saarenpaa (4) 29pts

Division 2 (9-16)

1st Tony Foster (9) 38pts

2nd Craig Elliott 13) 37pts

3rd Graham Johnson (9) 35pts

Division 3 (17+)

1st Don Everett (19) 34pts

2nd Shuichi Kodaka (18) 33pts

3rd Danny Greer (24) 32pts

Ladies Division

1st Leena Copu (19) 34pts

2ndPaula Juutilainen (18) 27pts

With an enlarged field needing three divisions and a preponderance of low handicaps, the first division was cut at 8 and below and Pekka Palmu won it with a less than sparkling three over as all the low markers struggled with the greens, which were rather too uneven to allow for confidence in the stroke.  Phil Mitchell placed second and Jukka Saarenpaa came third.

Terry Hodgkiss and Tony Frost. Terry Hodgkiss and Tony Frost.

The second division returned the best scores with Tony Foster leading them in at two-under handicap with Craig Elliott second just a shot behind and Graham Johnson in third another stroke back.

The third division was headed by Don Everett, with Shuichi Kodaka in second place and Danny Greer in third, closing out a second clean sweep of a division by The Haven team.

The ladies division, which consisted of all Finnish ladies, was easily taken by Leena Copu ahead of Paula Juutilainen as the rest of the division found the going just too difficult.

Pekka Palmu added to his day by slotting in the only 2 in the first division whilst Danny Greer made it a very happy return by clearing out the multi-rollover in the second division with the only one.

The day’s results were also counting towards the inaugural Finn Haven Trophy played between the Finnish contingent that had been organised by Rainer Helling over the last six weeks and who normally played with the Haven group, but this year they were treated as a separate part of the Haven course bookings to cut down on congestion.  This final day was the last chance to join together as in previous years.

With the best 10 scores to count, The Haven took the magnificent cut glass trophy with a better 328 points to 284.

Friday, Feb. 14, Pattavia – Stableford

CSS 74

1st Graham Johnson (9) 34pts

2nd Fred Smith (25) 32pts

3rd Steven Downes (7) 32pts

4th Tony Foster (9) 30pts

5th John Carlin (16) 29pts

After two big fields it was a much quieter day with just one division as this venue continues to prove to be too difficult a task on the greens, which are very close to being unplayable.  The green-keeper could do with either letting them grow a little longer than the glass sheet present versions or water them heavily, which would go a long way to preventing many putts from being the shot before the second or third chip.  It was therefore not surprising that the CSS for the day went out to 74.

Graham Johnson handled the course the best with a two-over handicap return which included a marvelous birdie ‘2’ on the 230 yard par three seventh hole, but two doubles spoiled what was otherwise an excellent round in the conditions.

Fred Smith rode his luck on the greens and avoided the trouble a couple of times with chip-ins to take second place after winning a close count back on the last three holes with a better 6 to 5, after tying the nine at 13 apiece and the last six at level 8s to leave Steven Downes in third spot.

Tony Foster took fourth another two behind and John Carlin fifth one more back.

There was little surprise when it was learned that there were no 2’s in the second division but Graham Johnson underlined his credentials by getting the only one in the first division on a day when there was unusually a bigger prize in that division than the second.

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